I have recently received a PDF proposal from a tech company to sign and send back.


So, when I got to the office, I printed it, signed it, positioned it on a blank table top, took a photo of it on my mobile phone.


Then I open up my mail app, find the sender, hit reply, and finally emailed it back.


That’s crazy many steps for a soon-to-be customer.


At each one of these steps, the soon-to-be customer could have easily said, “F*ck it. No time for this right now. Let’s reevaluate next quarter.”


And boom, there goes the deal.


Between now and the next round of reevaluation, a number of scenarios could happen:

  • A competitor to the tech company could be knocking on the prospect’s door.
  • The budget could be used for something else.
  • The prospect could be leaving his or her job.


That is why we built Oneflow. Doing business should be as simple as a handshake – for all parties involved.


Oneflow is an all-in-one, 100% web-based solution for managing proposal content and requesting e-signing.


At Oneflow, we drink our champagne. Here’s what we do:

  1. We store all of our proposal content in sections (intro, benefits, pricing, terms).
  2. We take the content sections and make proposal templates with popular packages.
  3. We refine templates based upon customer needs.


It takes seconds to edit content, reorder sections, and update pricing, even after the proposal is sent.


Plus, the proposal looks awesome on mobile devices.


We get notified when prospects view their proposal, modify the content of the proposal, or forward it to someone else.


It’s one click for them to approve and sign anytime, anywhere.


AND, if you love your PDF’s, you can export as PDF 🙂


Oneflow is a major time saver for our sales reps.


We always have control over all proposals that are sent, a great overview of our pipeline, and are able to identify and reuse our best-performing proposals.


It’s also easy to use so it takes no time for a new sales hire to master the tool.

But more importantly, it reduces friction for our soon-to-be customers.


I want their first experience of being a Oneflow customer to be amazing.


Your proposal is one of the first impressions that can make or break the deal. 

Take control of it.