Simplify the employment process

Impress your job candidates with a modern and digital contract process. Your business will appear more attractive and the candidate can sign your offer fast and easy with just one click.

Reduce friction – sign fast

Most people do not have a printer or scanner at home. But everyone has a computer, and mobile phone in their pocket. Share a digital employment contract, and the candidate can quickly sign it from any device.

Image is everything

A modern image gives the impression of a market leader. Asking your candidate to print, sign, scan and mail or post the contract, gives an old-fashioned image. Everything you do says something about your company. Oneflow makes your business look more professional.

Easy interaction will boost the process

With Oneflow the candidate can leave comments directly in the contract. You can make changes to the contract that will be updated in real time, without having to leave the application. This eliminates the time-consuming and messy process of sending mails back and forth, and you will get all correspondence and edits stored together with the contract.

Delegate signing rights and save time

Is there anyone else that needs to sign the contract? With Oneflow it is easy to set up workflows and delegate the signing rights while saving everyone’s time. No more paper handling and mailing.

Prioritizing job candidates

With Oneflow you can see if your candidate has received, opened and read the offer you sent. Is the candidate really interested in the job or should you be focusing on other candidates instead?

Employment contracts are archived automatically

Get all your employment contracts stored in a secure and easily accessible archive. You can search, filter and access everything from any device.

See how Oneflow works for other roles


Improve your hit-rate and shorten the sales cycle. Oneflow reduces friction in the sales process by making it easier for the buyer to sign.


A fully digital contract process means no more punching data manually. Get notifications on key events in the contracts, and make smarter buying decision with Oneflow.


With Oneflow you can import all data in a contract directly into your accounting system, giving you total financial control.


With Oneflow your colleagues always work with the correct version of a template, and you can access all contracts, communication logs and audit trails with just a click.