Take control of the buying process

The traditional way of handling contracts is both outdated and tedious. Oneflow is digital through and through, so you can say goodbye to printing and scanning papers, and never bother with punching contract data into other systems ever again.

Larger companies with buying power should initiate the process. Make your contract templates and invite the seller to the negotiation.

Contracts are archived automatically

Oneflow stores all contracts in a secure digital archive. Make reports, set up filters and access everything from any device.

Easier to negotiate with a database of offers

All historical offers your company ever received will be stored in Oneflow, making it an extremely valuable database of information. Have you or one of your colleagues received an offer from the same company or a competitor before? A database of previous offers is a valuable asset in any negotiation.

Save time with delegation and e-signing

Is there anyone else that needs to sign the contract or be involved? With Oneflow it is easy to set up workflows and delegate the signing rights while saving everyone’s time.

Save money with notifications on renewals

Sometimes you want to terminate a contract before it’s running for a renewal. Oneflow automatically sends notifications before all key events in a contract, like notice period, end date, renewal date, and so on. This will save your company a lot of unnecessary expenses and you will stay on top of your contracts.

Match your invoices with the contracts

If you want to check if a vendor invoice is according to contract, you can find it and compare easily, eliminating mistakes and overpayments.

Promises made outside the contract

Has the seller promised something that is contradictory to the contract? Oneflow automatically stores all communication between buyers and sellers together with the contract, making the compliance work far more efficient and qualitative.

Audit trail for a clear overview

Oneflow makes it easy to collaborate on contracts. The involved parties can make changes and comments in real time, in the same document. With Oneflow, there is only one version of the contract, and all the changes are listed in an audit trail. This eliminates any confusion and gives everybody a better overview of the process.

No more punching of data

All important data in a contract, like products, prices and customer information, can automatically be imported into your accounting system. This will save a lot of working hours and minimize human error.

See how Oneflow works for other roles


Improve your hit-rate and shorten the sales cycle. Oneflow reduces friction in the sales process by making it easier for the buyer to sign.

Human resources

Increase your probability of hiring the right person and simplify the process with Oneflow. Share a digital contract, and the candidate can quickly sign it from any device.


With Oneflow you can import all data in a contract directly into your accounting system, giving you total financial control.


With Oneflow your colleagues always work with the correct version of a template, and you can access all contracts, communication logs and audit trails with just a click.