Sneak preview of the new Oneflow

The new Oneflow comes not only with a fresh look and feel in the application but also with the release of real awesome Contract Archive features.

We are excited to announce that the new Oneflow will be released to all Oneflow users on March 12th. The new release enables you to perform searches on all your contracts and documents in Oneflow from a single entry point.

The faster the search, the better the user experience.

Less friction, more speed.

At Oneflow, we love to implement customer-driven feedback into our application to consistently provide a better user experience for our users. This is what drives us and the big reason behind this new release.

Contract Archive with the most awesome filtering options in the market, if we may say so ourselves!

oneflow contract archive

In the new Contract Archive, we have added a crazy amount of filters and tabs that allow you to perform some advanced search. And if you find yourselves doing the same filtering over and over again, you can save it or bookmark it in your browser for easy access. As if that’s not enough, there is a search bar so you can at anytime Google your contracts by keyword and then sort the search results by date, lifecycle events, and more.

You can use the search, filter, and sort functions to easily find the specific contract you are looking for. You can also get a quick overview of, for examples:

  • Contracts that have an upcoming lifecycle event
  • Contracts waiting for your signatures
  • Signed contracts during the past quarter
  • Active contracts that have a specific tag
  • … and many more!

UI enhancements for an amazing user experience

In conjunction with the launch, we have also made UI enhancements in particularly a revamped sidebar, improved templates management, and many other details designed to provide consistency, and to create an amazing experience for the users. We hope you like it as much as we do!

Watch our pre-release webinar

For those who are curious, and especially for some of you who have been using Oneflow for a while and who are familiar with the interface, we hosted a release webinar on March 7th, 11.00-11.30am, where we demonstrated the new Contract Archive and UI enhancements.

You’ll find the webinar recording here.


Yes, if you’re using our lifecycle feature, the overview will show you the next event of the contract.

renewal date contract archive

Yes, just like before, you choose your language settings under your profile.

language change under profile

Click on Edit and scroll down to the bottom of the page, set your preferred language and Confirm at the top of the page. Done!

languages in oneflow app

The current Dashboard shows only statistics for your own contracts, but future releases will give you the ability to filter by team members, groups, period of time etc. For now, you can filter your search by participant/colleague through the archive.

Yes! You will finally be able to make your filter options on a search that will be saved until you clear it.