Take control of the buying process.

Make smarter sourcing and purchasing decisions by turning bottlenecks into a win-win for both you and your vendors.

All contractual info in one place.

At any time, buyers will have access to reports, contracts and all related documents in one secure digital archive with powerful searching and filtering capabilities. All historical offers, proposals, and vendor contracts your company ever received – both signed and unsigned – will be stored in Oneflow. This is an extremely valuable resource in any current or future negotiation process.

The same goes for the vendors. Vendors will have an instant overview of all historical deals and communications that have taken place with you and are able to invite any subject matter experts into the negotiation process simply by inviting them to Oneflow.

contract list

Stay on top of all contracts.

Everyone who is involved in the buying process – including the vendor – will receive notifications and reminders when a change is made to the contract, the contract expires or near the expiry date, or when the contract is signed or waiting to be signed, etc. Oneflow automatically sends notifications on or before all key events during the contract lifecycle.

This is particularly useful for the buyer when there’s a need to renegotiate or terminate a contract before it’s running for a renewal. You can customize the number of days you want to be reminded before the notice period for each contract depending on the buying process.

Cut contract cycle time.

Signing contracts with several stakeholders can be a tedious task, running back and forth with paper between approvers and signers or scrolling through long email threads. The lead time is not only costly, the task is boring and uninspiring. You may constantly find yourself asking, “Wait, is there anyone else who needs to sign the contract or be involved?”

With Oneflow, it is easy to set up workflows and delegate the signing rights while saving everyone’s time. Moreover, you make it easy not only for your vendors to collaborate with their internal experts, but also sign with a single click from any device. From experience,  procurement departments have cut their cycle times by more than 50% after implementing Oneflow. This does not only mean reduced labour costs, but also increased revenue since your production line can take advantage of new deals faster.

Move negotiation away from email threads.

Instead of emailing back and forth, the parties can comment directly in the contract, either inside Oneflow or through regular email with our smart sync. All correspondence between buyers and vendors are stored automatically together with the contract. This makes the negotiation process transparent, faster, and with a better overview. If there’s any promise made outside the contract, an accurately tracked process makes the compliance work easier and more efficient.

e-contract lifecycle alert

Audit trail for a clear overview.

With Oneflow, there is only one version of the contract, and all activities are tracked automatically in an audit trail that is stored together with the contract. The changes and comments made to the document are logged in real time, in the same document. This eliminates any confusion and gives everyone a better overview of the process.

No risk of error.

All important data in a contract, such as products, prices, and customer information, can automatically be imported into your accounting system. You’ll save countless of hours and most importantly minimize risks of error. Moreover, none of your colleagues need to waste time doing such an uninspiring job as punching data. Oneflow has a long list of plug and play integrations, an open REST API and everything you need to integrate data into your existing systems.

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