Oneflow is all about contracts

Managers will reach better decisions, buyers will make better investments, sales representatives will win more contracts, and companies will become more productive and professional. Contracts are the foundation and backbone in any business. Working smarter with contract handling represents a huge potential for better and more business opportunities.

Create templates

Draw up contracts directly in the application. Oneflow has an easy-to-use editor where you can customize and build templates for any kind of contract.

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Fast and secure e-signing

Sign contracts with just one click from any device. More secure than traditional ink on paper and legally binding in most countries around the world.

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Share, collaborate and assign

With Oneflow it is easy to delegate signing rights and set workflows. Eliminate any confusion that might occur with back and forth calls and emails.

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Make changes with audit trail

Save time and work more efficient by making changes directly to the contract. All edits will be listed in an audit trail for a clear overview.

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Communication log

All contract-related correspondence is automatically stored together with the contract in the cloud. It will never get lost and is easily accessible for everyone involved.

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Making data come alive

Oneflow keeps track on all key information like products, prices, and contract periods. Get smart notifications, reduce data punching and build filters and reports.

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Digital archive

Protecting your data is our number one priority. Oneflow uses highly secure, extremely scalable and highly reliable world-class cloud services. And of course, you can still keep a copy within your company, for that extra peace of mind.

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Full control over your templates

With Oneflow you always work with the correct version of a contract, which gives you total control over your business’s visual identity, juridical promises and commitments.

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Contract lifecycle management

Stay on top of the contract lifecycle. Oneflow automatically keeps track of all your contracts and gives you notifications of important events.

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