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50% off for startups*!

Startup? Beginnings are tough, especially when it comes to spending on operational tools. You aim for quality and durability, knowing that low-cost options may eventually lead to higher expenses. We’re here to provide you with a highquality contract tool at an affordable price. With Oneflow, you can:

  • Create contracts from a library of templates
  • Edit in real time without resending the contract
  • Get full control over who accesses which contracts
  • Ensure secure e-signing with eID, SMS, or one-click
  • Sign and store all types of documents in one place

*Startups established no more than 5 years ago are eligible for 50% off full price during the first year. Applicable to new customers (except customers from the Benelux region) who purchase a paid plan via self-service in Oneflow only. Discounts are applied on the invoice if you become a customer from this page. This offer is valid until 30 April 2024 and will not apply retrospectively.

There is not much I dislike. If I had to chose, it would obviously be nice if it was free, but you get what you pay for. No premium product will go for free, and I am fine with that.

Validated review left on on question “What do you dislike about Oneflow?”

Signing contracts with free or cheap PDF e-sign tools puts your startup business at risk


Instead of emailing PDFs back and forth, losing track of multiple versions, work with only one real-time version of the contract.
  • Template library
  • Live editing
  • Browser-based contracts
  • Custom branding
  • Comment & chat
  • GDPR compliance


Secure signing with a number of signing options. Keep commenting and editing even after the contract is sent.
  • eID signing options
  • Interactive forms
  • Notifications, tracking
  • Sign with a click
  • Signing order
  • Handwritten signature


All of your contracts stored in one place. Easy to analyze with contract metadata exported into spreadsheets.
  • Universal archive
  • Folders, tags
  • Filters
  • Data downloads
  • Internal reminders
  • Contract linking

Join these companies making business flow

Startup - Oneflow Startup - Oneflow

Reusable contract templates

  • Save time with pre-built contract templates. And easily customize using our intuitive contract editor. 
  • Build templates from scratch using Oneflow’s editing tools. Use and re-use for all your contracts.
  • Open up or lock down parts of your templates to control what your colleagues or signers are allowed to edit.
  • If you prefer PDFs you can also upload your contracts in PDF format for e-signing.
Koko sopimusprosessi Oneflown avulla Koko sopimusprosessi Oneflown avulla

Edit in real time without resending the contract

  • Negotiate on-the-fly by making edits in the contract live, even after it’s sent.
  • No more resending a new version every time an edit must be made.
  • Receive real-time notifications for important contract events, like automatic contract renewals or project expiries.
Digitaalisilla sopimuksilla tehostat liiketoimintaasi - Oneflow Digitaalisilla sopimuksilla tehostat liiketoimintaasi - Oneflow

Live insights at every step

  • Get a holistic view of all of your contracts and an extensive archive for them all. 
  • Control access and make sure only the right users have access to what they need.
  • Overview of all outgoing proposals and keeping track in who’s opened, commented, etc. to craft effective responses timely.
In Oneflow, contract software you can easily stay GDPR compliant. Picture showing security badge on Oneflow contract. In comparison to PandaDoc. Many American companies might claim they are GDPR compliant, but ultimately they fall short. Verify with your legal team before choosing the right provider. In Oneflow, contract software you can easily stay GDPR compliant. Picture showing security badge on Oneflow contract. In comparison to PandaDoc. Many American companies might claim they are GDPR compliant, but ultimately they fall short. Verify with your legal team before choosing the right provider.

Compliance and full control

  • Remove any personal data you don’t need automatically.
  • Set up smart workflows to delete expired and rejected contracts, so you’ll never have to worry about neglecting GDPR.
  • Safeguard and keep track of contract lifecycles, all in one place.

Sign and store all types of contracts in one secure platform

contract management is made easier with Oneflow workspaces, the image shows how many departements can work within the same product

Create Workspaces for any document from any teams — however it best mirrors your business. They are permission-controlled and each Workspace has its own templates, archive, and address book.

“So that also means that we have everything collected in HubSpot and that’s also important for us since we work with external consultants as well and we need to be able to see the details regarding the contracts. So we have one touchpoint or, one source of information that we go into HubSpot and then Oneflow is already there as well”

Emma Sjölander




Who is eligible for this offer?

We’re offering the 50% discount on any of our paid plans during the first year to all startups with no more than 5 years old (since they are founded). You’ll need to sign up from this offer page and self-upgrade in Oneflow. The offer is only for new Oneflow customers and will not apply retrospectively.

Why don’t I see the 50% discount when I click upgrade?

The 50% discount will be applied on your first invoice when you upgrade, provided you’ve signed up from this page by the offer end date and fulfill the eligibility requirement.

I signed up but didn’t get any email from Oneflow.

Please try again or contact for support.

What our customers say

“We want to become one of the biggest companies in this market. For us, Oneflow is the perfect partner to grow together with.”

Olle Hamskär Budbee

Olle Hamskär

Head of Key Account Management


“The fact that Oneflow is 100% digital makes it so simple and flexible. It gives us peace of mind by providing control and a complete overview of our contract process at all times.”

Elin Skoglund, Hedin bil

Elin Skoglund

HR Business Partner

Hedin Bil

“Oneflow has significantly reduced our administration and increased the pace of our business. But most importantly, the response from our customers has been so positive.”

Business Developer

Sales Departement


“It took 12 minutes from calling the prospect to him receiving the proposal. I swear he ‘almost fainted’ when he saw how fast we could send a proposal.”

Anders Berghagen

Sales & Marketing Director


“It saves time and removes irritation. Before Oneflow, we spent a lot of time on coordinating, administrating, and booking time for signing. We immediately cut our lead times with this integration.”

Pontus Esbo Middlepoint

Pontus Esbo



“It speeds up my work in many ways. Before it could take forever to get a contract sent and signed. Now it’s all done digitally and customers can sign right away on any device — laptop, mobile phone, iPad/tablet. Sooo easy.”

Sanel Osmic, Bredband 2

Sanel Osmic

Team Lead


“Oneflow is incredibly easy to use – simple tools to edit contracts, notify other collaborators, see which contracts are in which stage. Also it’s well integrated with HubSpot simplifying adding contact and company details to the contracts.”

Tove Hernlund

Customer Success Manager

Alva Labs