Key takeaways:

  • It only takes 20 days before the benefits of Oneflow are realized, although it may seem daunting at first.
  • The benefits of automating contract handling go beyond time and cost savings:
    • Awesome customer experience by making it easier to sign
    • Sales cycle is shortened
    • Cash flows into the business faster
    • More rewarding tasks for the team responsible for contracts
  • Going digital means that you literally unleash your contractual data, making it possible to leverage the data to drive decisions or automate workflows between Oneflow and existing systems.

It’s one thing to say digitalization is transforming the way we work. It’s another thing to actually experience it.

So when we received an email from Ingrid Dilot, Head of Sales at Previa, a Falck group company offering leading corporate wellness solutions in Sweden, that greeted us with – “Wow, what a fantastic digital revolution, Oneflow!” – we knew that digitalization is happening right there at Previa… and on Sweden’s largest island, Gotland!

“Our service team in Gotland processes about 1000 contracts every year. For years, when a potential customer contacted us, the team would pick up the phone to gather the information required to prepare a contract for the customer. The contract was first created using Word, saved as PDF, which was then attached in an email sent to the customer. We also asked the customer to print, sign, scan the contract and send it back to us. Then, we did the same procedure, sent the signed contract to the customer, and saved a copy in our archive,” explains Ingrid with a sigh.

“Today, we can basically go through the entire contract process from creation to signing with a couple of clicks.”

Wow effect after a few weeks

Seeing how digitalization is transforming the way the team in Gotland works is awesome. But what makes the project more awesome is that the benefits are realized only 20 days after the decision was made to implement Oneflow.

Ingrid notes that the biggest hurdle that they had to overcome after making the decision was a mental barrier. The illusion that the task ahead seems too daunting to handle.

“In reality, the first training provided by Oneflow Customer Success Team took only an hour. And even that was done online. Then we spent some time to create our contract template, which was made easier by Olivia Fredriksson (from the Customer Success team) because she preloaded our branding and content into the template without any interference from us. All we did was to review and approve it,” says Ingrid.

“After using Oneflow for weeks, we experienced the wow effect.”

Benefits beyond time and cost savings

Surprisingly, time and cost are not the biggest benefits. Surely the costs saved from paper, envelopes, postage, etc. are great, but to Ingrid, the wow effect is undoubtedly due to the frictionless contract handling from creation to signing.

“Every step you have to take is a “moment”. Pick up the phone, print the contract, get the printed copy from the printer, scan the contract, and so on, are all moments that cause delay and paralysis in every deal,” Ingrid points out.

“The benefits of going digital go beyond time and cost saving. We make it easy for our customers to sign, the sales cycle is shortened, cash flows into the business faster. Moreover, it creates more rewarding work environment for the service team.”

The next digital project

With Oneflow, digitalization is no longer foreign to Previa. Ingrid would often present Oneflow as an example of Previa’s digital transformation projects to the internal teams, helping to accelerate digitalization across the whole company.

She is inspired and has already started to think about the possibilities of sending out the welcome email automatically to the customer after the contract is signed. Because Oneflow converts contractual data from unstructured to structured data, Previa can now leverage the data to automate or trigger subsequent workflow in existing systems.

When asked what her advice is to other digital leaders who are still hesitating to invest in a project like Oneflow because the psychological barrier, Ingrid said:

“Just do it. Because it is so worth the investment.”