Eidsiva bredband is Norway’s 6th largest broadband company with focus in customer experience. Oneflow enables Eidsiva to streamline its contract handling in the sales and administration process.

Long sales cycle

Previously, Eidsiva’s contracts were based on PDFs generated by the company’s CRM system. With terms and conditions included in the contracts, it became very lengthy – just like the administrative work involved.

«The customer had to print out, sign, scan and send the contract back. It took a long time, and it was difficult to follow up business», says Eidsiva’s Sales Manager, Sondre Elvestad.

The multiple steps and the lack of overview lead to Eidsiva recognizing a need to streamline and shorten its sales cycle.

Better overview, better collaboration

Thanks to Oneflow, Eidsiva is now able to reduce both administration work and the length of contracts. The customer can focus on product information and make choices in the proposal. The terms and conditions are added to the contract as attachment instead. Oneflow’s notification feature makes it easy for all departments to understand when the customer opens, comments and signs a proposal.

It is easy to share signed contracts instead of emailing PDFs between the people and departments.

«The customer service team does not have access to the sales reps’ regular mailbox, but now through Oneflow’s link everyone has access to the contract,» says Sondre.

New opportunities

According to Sondre, both the sales reps and customers have been very pleased. The sales rep can easily see when the customer opens the contract, and all communications can take place in Oneflow.

«Now we can have the correspondence in the contract itself, and it is easy for everyone to see what was included and changed in the contract,» Sondre says, pointing out that accessibility also created a whole new workflow:

«It’s fascinating to see that contracts come in at quite different times than before, even at nights and during the weekends!

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