Oneflow for HubSpot

Speed up the last mile of your sales process with native integration of Oneflow in HubSpot CRM.

How Oneflow for HubSpot integration works

Shorten your sales cycle

Create, send, track, e-sign, and manage your quotes or sales proposals from within HubSpot CRM. Do business faster by automating not only with e-signatures, but also proposal creation, tracking, archiving, and analytics – all in one flow.

Move fast from quote to close

Send quotes or proposals for secure, qualified e-signature directly from HubSpot. Modify your proposals as you negotiate with your prospects directly on your browser, without emailing back and forth.

Track every deal

Track prospect interaction with your proposal to plan the perfect follow up. The deal stage is updated automatically in HubSpot when there’s a change of proposal status in Oneflow.

Make proposals automatic and interactive

Proposals can be easily created using templates and prepopulated with prospect or contact data from your CRM. Enable interactivity to automate total price calculation and boost engagement from your prospects.

hubspot deal stage

Create proposals and contracts from templates, send and get them signed 8x faster without leaving your HubSpot CRM

send and sign contract from hubspot

Frequently asked questions

HubSpot CRM and Sales users who want to create and send modern, professional sales proposals and contracts to their prospects for digital signatures directly from HubSpot CRM.

  1. Automate the sales proposal process in HubSpot – from proposal creation, tracking, and sending for secure, qualified e-signatures.
  2. Use the prospect or contact data in HubSpot to automatically populate onto your quotes or sales proposals.
  3. Track prospect interaction with your proposals and contract status for every deal directly from HubSpot.

No. You’ll need a Oneflow account and a HubSpot CRM to be able to use the integration. Oneflow is natively integrated with HubSpot CRM and the Oneflow widget pop up in your Deal view once the integration is activated.

Want to see how it works?

We’d love to show you in a demo. If you have any special requests, please let us know.

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