Oneflow for Upsales

Send and track your proposals directly in Upsales for e-signature with Oneflow.

How Oneflow's Upsales integration works

Close faster with ready-to-go templates

Enable your sales reps to save time and close faster with readymade templates that automatically merge data from Upsales into the proposal.  Send the proposal quickly to your customer with a single click from Upsales.

Stay up to date

Stay up to date with the latest proposal status and take action before your leads go cold. With notifications, you can follow your proposal status in real-time once the proposal has been sent, opened, viewed and signed.

Negotiate deals faster from anywhere at anytime

You can walk through, update, and sign your offers in one go, online, while you are still on the phone with your customer.

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upsales oneflow contract

Anytime, anywhere

Negotiate and sign your deals wherever you are from any mobile device using responsive and interactive proposals.

Automate your salesflow

Kick your sales team off to the top gear by arming them with a fully automated salesflow. Get your entire sales process online and remove frustration from your sales team working hours on administration.

Get started with Oneflow for Upsales

  • Send documents directly from Upsales to your contacts
  • Select one or more signing participants
  • Choose between multiple standardized Oneflow-templates
  • Get notifications when contacts views, signed or denied your contract directly inside Upsales
  • All contracts are viewable inside Upsales

Interview with Daniel Wikberg, CEO & Founder of Upsales

Frequently asked questions

Sales leaders and professionals who need to create and send professional and secure offers to their prospects, and close deals faster eliminating the long traditional cycle of negotiation and signature.

No, the integration is a native, plug-and-play package that any salesperson can benefit from. Follow the guide to connect Oneflow for Upsales.

In Oneflow:

  1. Activate Upsales in Settings > Add-ons
  2. Copy your token (to use later in Upsales)
  3. Enter your Upsales ID.
    The easiest way to find your Upsales ID is by checking the URL bar when you are logged in to Upsales. It should be a set of number looking something like this: 
  4. Log in to Upsales and access the settings page in the top right corner.
  5. Go to 'Apps' and find the Oneflow app
  6. Under the settings tab, add your API token (from step 2).
  7. Enter your Upsales ID in the Oneflow Webhook field. (The same as step 3).

No, you don’t require any additional license to Oneflow and Upsales CRM.

Read more at our Help Center or contact Oneflow support team at

Want to see how it works?

We’d love to show you in a demo. If you have any special requests, please let us know.

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