Oneflow for SuperOffice

Close deals faster with interactive contracts, automated contract management, and e-signing directly inside SuperOffice.

How Oneflow for SuperOffice integration works

Oneflow for SuperOffice

Enjoy shorter sales cycles

Create your sales documents from web-based templates inside SuperOffice. Save time and eliminate risk of errors with prospect or contact data auto-populated onto your proposals. You can even lock content blocks from editing, in case your sales reps have a knack for getting a little too carried away.

Close it while it’s hot

Close deals 8x faster with live negotiation. Make edits to your contract in real-time with your prospect, without emailing back and forth. Your prospect can even add more items and see discounts with interactive product tables and automated price calculation.

Keep track of your deals and predict likelihood to sign

Track prospect interaction with your contract. See when they open it, how many times, and if they make any changes. Use these insights to plan the perfect follow up.

Never miss a deal

Get your deals signed easier with legally binding e-signatures. Let your prospect sign your contract using electronic ID, or standard email e-signature or SMS.

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Oneflow for SuperOffice

Frequently asked questions

SuperOffice users who want to streamline their sales process by having only one workflow from proposal to sign.

No, the integration is a native, plug-and-play package that any salesperson can benefit from. Follow the guide to connect Oneflow for SuperOffice.

Read more at our Help Center or contact Oneflow support team at

Want to see how it works?

We’d love to show you in a demo. If you have any special requests, please let us know.

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