Oneflow for Teamtailor

Automate contract handling and e-signing directly within Teamtailor.

How Oneflow for Teamtailor integration works

oneflow for teamtailor
oneflow teamtailor

Send personalized offers

Attract top talents by impressing them with professional, modern and interactive offers. Add a personal video greeting to make your future teammate smile, or a screen recording with voice to walk the candidate through your offer.

Track status and plan your next move

Measure a candidate’s interest and likelihood to sign by tracking their interaction with your offering. Track offer status in real-time from send to hire. See when a candidate receives an offering, as well as when and how many times they open an offer. Get instant notifications when a candidate suggests changes or writes comments and of course, when they sign an offer and join your team.

Auto reminders when the contract is about to start or end

If you want the candidate to sign within a certain time you can put a validity date on the contract. This means that both you and the counterparty get a reminder to ensure the contract gets signed on time.

Edit and collaborate the offer on the go

Save time and hassle by letting the candidate add important information, such as bank details, on the go. Simply leave the fields you’d like the candidate to be able to edit open in your Oneflow contract template.

Faster recruitment process

With Oneflow’s e-contracts you speed up the signing process big time. Let the candidate e-sign your offer anytime, on any device.

Secure and accessible e-archive

All contracts with associated personal info are stored in Oneflow’s secure e-archive, accessible from Teamtailor with the click of a button.

Frequently asked questions

HR professionals who want to optimize every step of the recruitment process by automating the offering, and make faster hires.

Read more about the integration at our Help Center.

Read more about the integration and how you active it in our Help Center or contact our support team at

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