Workspaces is the easiest way of organizing your contracts in Oneflow

Think of it as a “virtual vault” where you can place your contracts and templates into. With Workspaces, you can have separate content, workflows, and permissions for each team or department.

For example, you can have a different Workspaces for your commercial contracts and employment contracts, which means that the sales and HR departments can work independently in their own Workspaces in the organization.

You can create as many Workspaces as you like. You can name your Workspace according to your teams, projects or whatever suits your needs and organizational structure.

All resources (contracts, drafts, and templates) that are placed in a Workspace are only available to the users with sufficient access to the Workspace. This allows you to separate your resources and access permissions for each Workspace.

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Workspaces and permission settings

Combined with our powerful, yet easy to use and intuitive permission system, you can grant access to Workspaces to selected users with specific permissions. No more users accessing all contracts!

Some organizations are smaller, and everyone might have the same needs and should have the same access. However, most organizations have specific needs, and with Workspaces and advanced permission setting, the needs can now be fulfilled.

Example use case.

An example company has a sales department, an HR department and a CEO.

The CEO and all sales reps are able to access and create all sales and commercial contracts, but only the Head of Sales and the CEO are able to manage the contract templates.

The HR department has no access to the Sales Workspace. At the same time, the CEO and the HR department are able to manage the employment contracts, but the Head of Sales can only access the employment contracts concerning his or her sales reps.

Want to try Workspaces today?

Workspaces are available today to all new customers. For existing customers, we will be transitioning your accounts gradually. If you are interested in migrating already today, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

For more details about Workspaces, how to set it up, grant access to users and more, please visit our Help Center.