Lag imponerende, responsive og sikre HTML-baserte avtalemaler – som en proff.

Imponerende e-kontrakter med smart innhold

Not sure if you are using the right contract template? Wonder if there is a way to automate the repetitive task of creating recurring contracts? Or add interactive features? How does your contracts look on a phone?

Well, it turns out that more than 95% of the total time and energy spent on a contract process happens before the signing occurs. That’s why we put most of our energy to build the most awesome, flexible and secure contract authoring tool on the planet.

With Oneflow, you can create stunning HTML-based contracts in minutes. And it’s not just a pretty face. Sit back and watch your time spent on contract cut in half and productivity doubles with Oneflow contracts.

Fordeler ved Oneflow

Prevent costly errors.
  • Ensure everyone is using the correct templates.
  • Control who gets access and what gets modified or not on a contract.
  • Add attachments, participants, tags, etc. to a contract template so that these are automatically enforced every time a contract is created from the template.
Save countless of hours.
  • Create contracts or draw inspiration from Oneflow’s beloved public template library.
  • Eliminate time-consuming work such as copy and paste contract content by creating smart templates for contracts you’ll use again and again.
  • Benefit from predefined content modules such as form and product tables to build sophisticated, interactive contracts using simple drag and drop.
Create purposeful contracts.
  • Add checkboxes, radio buttons and other web components to your contracts so the overall process will be more interactive and effective.
  • Customize branding to your contracts by adding your logo, brand colors, texts, and images.
  • Know that your contracts look awesome on all devices, making it easy to sign anytime, anywhere.

Want to see how it works?

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Learn how Oneflow benefits every department in your organization.

Få høyere hit-rate og reduser tiden det tar å stenge salget. Med en strømlinjeformet salgsprosess blir det enkelt for kunden å signere, og dere mister ikke momentum.

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Med Oneflow øker du sjansene for å ansette riktig person. Del en digital avtale som motparten enkelt kan signere fra enhver enhet.

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Med en heldigital avtaleprosess trenger du ikke lenger å legge inn data manuelt. Du mottar varsler om viktige hendelser i løpet av kontraktens livssyklus og kan ta smartere kjøpsavgjørelser.

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Ved at alle avtaledata behandles og lagres sikkert i én app, unngår du risiko. Du styrer selv rettigheter og tillatelser og kan enkelt overholde personvernforordningen.

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Ensure your colleagues always work with the correct version of a template. Access all contracts, communication logs, and audit trails with a few clicks - all in one place.

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Du får enkelt tilgang til avtaledata. Det går på et blunk å samstemme fakturaer med avtaler. Og med automatiske påminnelser om viktige hendelser holder du alltid tidsfristen.

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