If you liked our Salesforce integration before, just WAIT until you see what our integration team has been up to!

What's New?

Intuitive UI

We have completely revamped the look and feel of our integration to improve the User Interface with a new and more intuitive Contract Creation Module. We have also added new logos and improved the classic Salesforce experience. Now, the integration is so seamless that you can’t tell where Salesforce ends and Oneflow begins!



oneflow salesforce

Improved User Experience

This integration does as much Admin work as possible for you so you can focus on more important tasks. For example, from now on, all products associated with opportunities will automatically transfer to the contract so you don’t have to input them manually.


Now you or your counterpart can easily add attachment directly from the Salesforce interface. You can share documents easier and faster by simply adding them as attachments when creating the contract in Salesforce.

Improved Contract Delivery Options

Get deals signed anytime, anywhere. Now you can send Oneflow contracts directly from Salesforce by SMS or email. This ensures that you can reach your participants even if they are offline by using their Phone Number already in Salesforce. This will also ensure that you can get contracts signed even when your counterpart doesn’t have access to their computer.

Contract Creation

Our new integration update allows you to access all your different Oneflow contract “Collections” directly from Salesforce. You no longer have to log in to Oneflow to change the name of your contract, you can edit this directly in Salesforce.


Now you can easily link your Contacts from different Salesforce Accounts to Oneflow Contracts. In order to make sure your contract is complete, we have added special alerts to let you know if your contacts are missing relevant information like contact email or phone number.

We hope you enjoy our latest Salesforce integration release. We love feedback so feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Send and email to product@oneflow.com and we will get back to you ASAP.

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