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Oneflow updates: May 2021

oneflow updates 2021

So many great things have been released by Oneflow the last couple of months. The topbar in the contract view has gotten a new look with more possibilities, Collections are now called Workspaces, and you can create custom roles with whatever permissions you need. Just to mention a few. As always, we love getting feedback from you on existing features and what you think we should develop next. Keep it flowing!

Bye-bye Collections, hello Workspaces

Workspaces in Oneflow- oneflow updates 2021

We’re all about removing friction in your contract process. And one step in doing so is renaming Collections to Workspaces. The new name makes it easier to understand how to use this feature; it lets you create workspaces for different teams and departments with different permissions and contract templates.

Add organizers to the contracts

Set yourself or your team members as organizers in every stage of the contract. This lets you manage contracts without being visible to the counterparties.

Use a template when importing a contract

You can now use a template when importing a contract. Click the import button, select the template you want to use, and voilà!

Use a template when importing a contract - oneflow updates 2021

Invite individuals as non-signatories

You’ve always been able to invite people to your contract as non-signatories. Now, it’s also possible for individuals to view and collaborate on your contract, without having to sign it. This is a long-wished-for feature that will make collaboration flow smoother.

Match all tags functionality

Finding the right contract just got easier. You can now choose ‘match all tags’ to find contracts with multiple tags. 

Oneflow's contract topbar

More functionality in the contract view topbar

The new topbar is sprinkled with more functionality to support your workflows, like setting a name and moving the contract to a workspace. You can also access your tags from here and set a value to the contract.

Create new roles

If none of the default roles are quite what you’re looking for, you can now create your own. Name and permissions are entirely up to you to match your needs.

New public API

Our new public API has been live for a little more than a week and we’ve already received such positive feedback! It makes it easier than ever to seamlessly integrate contract magic into your business systems. Access the API from our developer portal.

signera avtal digitalt signature électronique signera avtal digitalt signature électronique

Pergunte-nos qualquer coisa sobre contratos verdadeiramente digitais

Quer saber mais sobre contratos digitais ou sobre o futuro da gestão de contratos? Gostaríamos de ouvir a sua opinião.


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