Altifiber is a provider of Altibox services. In Norway, there are 40 Altibox partners offering fiber-optic communication solutions such as interactive TV, high-speed broadband and telephony to more than 450,000 customers in the country. Innovation and development are the keywords for Altifibers business, and with over 16,000 customers, procedures and services must be of top quality.

Limitations and lost business

Altifiber’s salespeople used email to send proposals to potential customers but there was no routine for follow-up. When proposals were sent by email, it was not possible to see if the customer received or read the proposal.

The email also meant that the agreements were limited in terms of layout and content. It was difficult to personalize the agreement according to customer needs while maintaining a consistent format. Altifiber’s Sales and Marketing Director, Lene Edland Solli, explains:

”Our terms and conditions may vary greatly depending on geographical areas with specific competitive conditions and sometimes municipal agreements, so it’s hard to have just one standard template.”

Oneflow: ”A Positive Effect”

Communication, archiving and layout may appear as separate problem areas, but thanks to Oneflow’s versatility, several parts of the organization could be improved.

The benefits that Altifiber appreciates the most are:

Design consistency

It’s easy to make templates with the same design for multiple needs. It benefits the customer, sales, and marketing when the proposal is presented in a clear way. It also helps brand building.

Automatic confirmation

Knowing when the agreement has been opened and signed makes it easier to monitor, control and organize workflow. Notifications simplify the follow-up, and when the customer has made his choice, the sales rep can easily close the deal by signing.

Better communication

After a transaction, a notification is directly sent to the customer service team who registers the customer and can easily add the conditions that apply directly. Several departments are able to receive confirmation of signed contracts, and fewer channels of communication make the process more efficient.

”During last two years, we worked based on a set of templates that make it easy for everyone to see what’s going on. Oneflow has been a positive, user-friendly sales tool that completely meets our needs,” concludes Lene.

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