Automation enables growth.

Future Value has high growth ambitions.

One day, with 10 contracts waiting to be managed in her inbox, Camilla Ternstedt, Consulting Director at Future Value, realized that they needed to automate the increasing volume of contracts in order for the company to continue growing.

And so the search for the most effective, smartest contract automation tool began.

The top three reasons why Future Value chooses Oneflow.

Future Value evaluated two different companies and decided to go with Oneflow because:

  • It is easy to use. Since many are involved in creating and signing contracts, the solution should be intuitive and user-friendly. There should not be only one superuser, rather everyone involved in the contract process should be able to use the new tool without extensive training.
  • It is web-based. The ability to create and edit contracts directly in the web-based interface instead of creating PDF back and forth whenever there is a change makes all the difference.
  • The e-archive manages lifecycle. 90% of their contracts are likely to be renewed. Instead of managing these manually, Oneflow’s e-archive automatically sends notifications about contract lifecycle events such as when a contract is due for renewal.

Facts about the types of contracts that are automated at Future Value.

  • For every deal that is signed, there are two types of contracts involved – a customer contract that is signed between Future Value and the client, and a consulting contract or employment contract that is signed between Future Value and the consultant (the candidate).
  • Besides customer and consulting contracts, Future Value also manages internal contracts such as staff employment contracts and vendor contracts for internal procurement in Oneflow.