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5x Greater control over contracts
3x Faster recruiting process
4x More efficient processes

“You know, our company changes fast and we change with the market, which means that the systems we use need to be able to change with us and with the market. We can’t go out of date. So that really catches my eye, whether a solution is easily flexible. And also whether it’s easy to just have an overview of the system.”

Sara Carlsson

HR Generalist



100% Control on ongoing dates
Real-time editing Live updates
More deals Closed with shorter sales cycle

“Oneflow has significantly reduced our administration and increased the pace of our business. But most importantly, the response from our customers has been so positive.”

Business Developer

Sales Departement


Middlepoint and Oneflow

80-90% less time on contract management per week
10x quicker time to sign for customer agreements

“It saves time and removes irritation. Before Oneflow, we spent a lot of time on coordinating, administrating, and booking time for signing. We immediately cut our lead times with this integration.”

Pontus Esbo Middlepoint

Pontus Esbo




4000+ Digital contracts a year
1 day Time to sign
2x Contracts next year

“We want to become one of the biggest companies in this market. For us, Oneflow is the perfect partner to grow together with.”

Olle Hamskär Budbee

Olle Hamskär

Head of Key Account Management