Oneflow Public API Documentation

Hello developers!

The Oneflow API can be used to automate your contract management workflows. Oneflow API follows the ideas and philosophies of RESTful APIs. You can use the API to create, edit and manage the lifecycle of your documents in Oneflow. This documentation will walk you through all public API endpoints, authentication, error handling and examples.

Getting started

To get started, you will need to register as a Oneflow user, activate the API token extension and generate an API token. Follow these steps to start using the API.

Step 1 - Create a Oneflow account

If you do not already have an account, you can create a trial account here.

Step 2 - Generate an API token

Go to your extensions in your account settings, locate the API token extension and click “Enable”. Once enabled, you can generate a new API token. Simply decide on a token name and click “Get token”.

Step 3 - Read the introduction to the API documentation.

The introduction chapter explains the basic concepts and requirements needed to use Oneflow API.

Happy coding!


If you have questions regarding our API, feel free to email us at For more details regarding the service, please go to the Oneflow help center.