Author, send, sign, and manage Oneflow contracts in your favorite CRM or ERP system with native integrations.

Automate your proposal handling in Salesforce

Oneflow lets you create and manage persuasive proposals in your opportunity view in Salesforce, without ever having to leave the system. By making it ridiculously easy for your prospects to sign from any device, Oneflow’s users enjoy as high as 94% hit rate. All of your proposals and contracts stored in Oneflow are accessible in Salesforce.

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Oneflow inside Upsales CRM

Close more deals with Oneflow inside Upsales

Many Upsales users choose Oneflow because Oneflow offers an end-to-end contract automation tool. Besides e-signing and tracking interactions on sent proposals, you can collaborate on a contract with your manager or colleague and prospect without creating long email threads. Create more interactive and responsive contracts in Oneflow, making it super easy to sign from any device.

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Are you using Lime CRM?

From your opportunity view in Lime CRM, you can create and send smart contracts for e-signing. No more changing applications or emailing contracts back and forth. You can track all interactions on the contract after sent. Important events for your contracts are also automatically reflected in your Lime CRM so you’ll always be in control.

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Key benefits of automating proposal handling with Oneflow

Eliminate data entry

No more copying and pasting data into your contracts. Oneflow auto-populates data from your CRM system to the contract and ensures that data in all systems are always in sync.

Seamless experience

Work with the tools that you are already familiar with. Oneflow is integrated with your systems so you can create and manage Oneflow contracts directly in your system’s user interface.

No extra login to remember

With Single Sign On (SSO) and Active Directory (AD), you don’t have to log into an extra application or change your business process while still enjoying the benefits of digital contracts.

Endless workflow automation via Zapier

Using Zapier, you can create smart automation and workflows that are triggered by a contract event and kick start an event in Oneflow. For example, you can get notification in Slack when a contract is signed, send out welcome email to a new customer using your email service, and automate contract creation from a web form. The limit is your imagination.

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Want to know how Oneflow works with the systems you already have in place?

We’d love to show you in a demo. If you have any special request, let us know.

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Using Webhooks

Using webhooks, you can integrate with Oneflow by receiving callbacks whenever there is a new event in any of your contract. For example, you can use webhooks to update an opportunity in a CRM application or to connect to your billing system and send an invoice.

More on Webhooks in our API docs

Using Oneflow API

Developers are welcome to leverage our public API to create, edit, and manage the lifecycle of your contracts in workflows. Our API is continuously updated and includes documentation that walks you through all public API endpoints, authentication, error handling, and examples.

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