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Quantity Decimals in product tables

Users can now use decimal numbers when selecting a quantity in a product table.

This new functionality allows users to add decimal places in the product table. This ability, and the amount of decimals allowed can be controlled by the contract owner and can be edited in the product table itself.


Automatically sync currencies from HubSpot to your contracts

It’s now possible to seamlessly sync your currency from HubSpot’s line items to Oneflow’s product tables, making sure you have consistent currency units across contracts with ease. Simply enable this with the click of a button in our Settings page, inside the Oneflow contract widget in HubSpot. You can choose whether you want to display currency units as prefixed or suffixes. If there are changes in currency, users can easily push updates to Oneflow to reflect these changes seamlessly.

Learn more about how it works here.


Sync date formats across HubSpot and Oneflow

You can now automatically sync HubSpot’s date format into Oneflow’s date format when creating contracts or pushing changes to Oneflow, which ensures date formats are consistent across all Oneflow contracts.

Learn more about how it works here.


Automatically create and send contracts with HubSpot Workflows

From now on, HubSpot enthusiasts will be able to automatically create and send contracts based on HubSpot triggers. For instance, as soon as a lead submits a marketing form on your website or if a deal reaches a qualified stage.

We will support the following actions:

  1. Create contract
  2. Send contract
  3. Add participant
  4. Get contract details
  5. Delete contract
  6. Get contract list

Read more about this launch here.


Improvements to Swedish BankID flow

Users can now scan a QR code to connect to BankID

This means that users no longer have to go through the hassle of entering their personal number, making the signing process even smoother.

New price configuration in the product table

Users will now be to customize the way their product table appears to counterparties by being able to select how many decimals to display in the product table.

The default amount of decimals will be 2, and the max amount of decimals is 4.

Major updates

New custom permissions

Account level permissions and new workspace permissions are now available for all enterprise users.

New account roles – We’ve divided the traditional admin role into separate permissions. Now, you can assign users access to specific areas, like billing, without giving them full account tools. This lets you tailor roles and delegate tasks securely.

New settings and access workspace permission – There are two new permission settings at the workspace level that allow users to edit workspace details and manage access. This means that someone who runs a workspace can now update workspace branding or add new users without involving Oneflow account administrator.

Read more about this new functionality in our release announcement or in our help center article.


More flexibility and less friction in our Upsales integration

With the new-and-improved Oneflow x Upsales integration it’s possible to:

Include more custom fields from their opportunities, contacts, and companies into their contracts – giving teams more flexibility to create accurate contracts.

Add product specific information such as product codes and descriptions from Upsales inside Oneflow’s product table, enabling prospects to navigate their contracts with ease.

Separate one-time prices and recurring prices inside the contact’s product table when syncing products from Upsales to Oneflow. 

New features

Automate product data sync from CRM and ERP systems with Power Automate

You can now use Power Automate to automatically transfer product information from any CRM or ERP system (with a Power Automate integration) into your Oneflow contract. This way, you can automatically populate contracts with product information such as description, quantity, pricing, and discount directly from your CRM or sync inventory data from your ERP to ensure accurate product information in contracts – without any manual action.

Learn more about our Power Automate connector here.

Major updates

Inline comments

Inline comments is now in Open Beta for all business and enterprise users.

With this new comment functionality you can:


Comment directly in the contract – Speed up your negotiating with clear communication right in the contract and without needing a single other email, slack or call.  

Edit, resolve and track past comments – Filter comments by whether or not they are active or resolved, and have a transparent record of discussions made throughout the contract’s lifecycle. 


Read more about the new functionality here


Updates to the address book

We have revamped our address book functionality to make it easier for you to search for contacts.

There will no longer be a tab for companies, and instead each contact simply has a 'company name' and 'company registration number' field that you can optionally add.


Linking documents to external websites

Contract linking is no longer just for linking internal contracts, but you can link your document to an external website.

This means you can link a contract to a secondary storage site, or other systems that Oneflow doesn't currently integrate to.

Explore contract magic!

Create, sign, and manage contracts in one place – integrated with your favourite tools to find your contract flow.

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