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Product Updates

Feature launch: Inline Comments

We have improved communication and collaboration in your contracts, eliminating the need for external communication tools. By highlighting specific sections, clauses, or terms, you can now leave comments, ask questions, and provide feedback—all right in the document, in real-time and with only one tool.

Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling multiple tools when trying to communicate about changes in your contracts. We’re introducing an open beta of Inline Comments, a seamless feature that enables clearer communication and collaboration directly within your contracts. Let’s dive in and explore the benefits of this game-changing addition!

Want instructions on how to use it today? Check out our article here.

Faster and clearer communication

Juggling multiple communication platforms while handling contracts can be overwhelming and counterproductive. In Oneflow, you can now add comments directly tied to the text, or use the chat feature for sending general messages. This eliminates the hassle of back and forth communication in different tools by consolidating all contract-related discussions within the contract itself. Whether it’s negotiating terms, seeking approvals, or simply answering questions, everything can now be handled within Oneflow. 

Increase this directness even more by tagging participants directly, and filtering to look only at the active or resolved comments. 

What else can inline comments do?

Track and organize your comments

Filter to view all new or resolved comments, ensuring a transparent record of discussions and decisions made throughout the document’s lifecycle.

Internal and external comments

Invite team members to review and comment on the document privately before its been sent.

This new comments functionality marks a significant milestone for your contract management. By improving collaboration, streamlining communication, and enhancing tracking capabilities, it brings unparalleled efficiency and transparency to the contract negotiation process.

If you’re looking to revolutionize your contract management and elevate collaboration with your team and stakeholders, book a demo to learn more, or try out Oneflow for free. 


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