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The State of Contracts Reports

Learn about the current technology trends impacting the way companies work with contracts in 2024, from adopting AI in contracts to automating sales processes.

2024 is here. Are you prepared for the future of contracts?

Contracts are at the heart of all businesses and yet, while the world is undergoing digital transformation, contracts are stuck in a frustrating mess between PDFs, legacy systems, inboxes, just to get a contract signed.

We took the pulse of what the state of contracts currently look like. How AI impacts contract management, the most common use cases and challenges they face with contracts and e-signatures.

Our quarterly study of contracts “The State of Contracts” reports summarize the findings from hundreds of business professionals surveyed in Europe and North America. Get the latest reports for free below.

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The State of AI in Contract Management

The current state of AI adoption in contract management across various industries. By using real data and insights from those who work with contracts as core parts of their job, the report charts the market maturity in terms of adopting AI into their contract management process and provide a glimpse into future of contract management.

Contract Compass Report

The Contract Compass Report 2023

By the end of the report, you’ll learn the importance of contract automation to companies, the biggest reason deals break down, how digital the future of contracts and e-signatures really is, and the low cost but high impact that digital contracts have.

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