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Contract experts

Established in 2012, Oneflow develops, sells and implements an end-to-end SaaS contract automation platform with a simple, easy-to-use tool with broad data usage capabilities.

Our platform is equally loved and trusted by enterprise teams and startups alike for helping their business grow faster with less risks, better workflows, smarter decisions that lead to quicker deals. 

Everything that Oneflow does hinges on its value proposition: Oneflow saves time and money by tearing down the silos in communication, manual processes, and between systems. 

Financial reports

Financial calendar

      • 10 Nov 2023: Interim Report Q3 2023
        • 16 Feb 2024: Year-end Report 2023
  • 8 May 2024: Interim Report Q1 2024
  • 8 May 2024: Annual General Meeting

Press releases

Oneflow interim report Q3 2023: Increased commitment on profitability with strong sales growth

Invitation to Oneflow’s Q3 2023 presentation on 10 November

Oneflow’s monthly ARR update: October 2023

Älä muokkaa PDF-tiedostoja, muokkaa odotuksiasi - Oneflow

Oneflow’s monthly ARR update: September 2023

Oneflow procurement lady

Oneflow’s monthly ARR update: August 2023

Oneflow interim report Q2 2023: All-time high sales despite a tough market

How to track changes in a PDF document?- Oneflow

Oneflow’s monthly ARR update: July 2023

Invitation to Oneflow’s Q2 2023 presentation on 11 August

difference between an attorney and a lawyer - Oneflow

Oneflow’s monthly ARR update: June 2023

Marknadsföringsstrategier för SaaS-företag

Oneflow’s monthly ARR update: May 2023

Oneflow interim report Q1 2023: Executing according to plan in a turbulent market

Invitation to Oneflow’s Q1 2023 presentation on 12 May

Our purpose

Our mission is to move business from friction to flow, creating a world where people can be their best. We aspire to take the pain out of working with contracts – and make it secure and delightful. In addition to making significant savings, Oneflow users have experienced more creative freedom at work, happier in life.

Our vision is to become synonymous with contracts, hence “Say contract, think Oneflow”.

– Anders Hamnes, CEO and Founder of Oneflow

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