We are excited to announce two new features related to branding and sharing capabilities for Oneflow Workspaces have just gone live.

Personalize the brand of your Workspace.

Oneflow Workspace is a great way to manage separate teams, projects, or business units from a single Oneflow account so that you’ll have all contracts in one place.

Each Workspace has its own unique environment where you can manage and store the Workspace’s own access permissions, content, such as contracts, templates, and emails.

oneflow collections

Some of the most common example use cases of Workspaces are to separate the contracts by types such as sales, HR-related or vendor contracts, or by business entities with different company name and organization ID. For example, Pagero, a leading global company offering e-business platform, uses Oneflow to manage contracts across its local subsidiaries or business units in Spain, Finland, and Sweden. Each of the business units are different companies with different organization number, company names, etc.

switch collection

With the new release of Workspace Branding, you can now personalize the brand of your specific Workspace. You can change the company name, organization number, country, and the logo so that they are applied to all content managed in the specific Workspace.

For more details on Workspace Branding, please visit our Help Center.

Save time by sharing templates across Workspaces.

With the release of Contract Template Sharing feature, you can now share your master templates or most used templates to multiple workspaces with a just single click.

share contract template

The master templates can be managed from the Master Workspace. When a template is shared, the template can be used to send contracts in other workspaces.

For more details on Contract Template Sharing, please visit our Help Center.

For existing Oneflow users, if you have any question or haven’t started using Workspace, contact support@oneflow.com

As always, your feedback and suggestions for improvement are always welcome, please send an email to product@oneflow.com – we’d love to hear from you.