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Manage your entire sales process directly from HubSpot.

+ Built by Oneflow + 100% native

oneflow hupspot integration oneflow hupspot integration

Easy to use

No start-up time

Automated workflow

Get the right conditions to close more deals faster. Create, track, negotiate and e-sign your sales proposals directly from HubSpot.

Never leave HubSpot

Hit your targets with a fully automated workflow. Create beautiful proposals with a click, and manage your whole contract process directly from HubSpot.

Faster sales with automated workflows

Create Oneflow contracts straight from a Contact, Company or Deal in HubSpot. Data such as product line items and participant details will automatically be transferred. Just like magic!

Two-way-sync-hubspot Two-way-sync-hubspot

Frictionless Two-Way sync

Keep HubSpot and your Oneflow contracts in sync. To ensure consistency, if any data field is changed in your Oneflow contract, it will be magically updated on the right HubSpot object, and vice versa!

Oneflow x HubSpot activity log Oneflow x HubSpot activity log

Cut down negotiation time

Quickly move from proposal to close by negotiating in real-time with your customer, right inside the proposal. No more emailing outdated versions back and forth. Both parties can edit the contract from their favourite browser, and see all updates live.  

Keep track of your proposals

Stay in control, even after you’ve hit “send”. Track every update directly inside HubSpot, and choose the right time to follow up and get it signed.

Oneflow x HubSpot sign Oneflow x HubSpot sign

Sign without friction

Your customers can review, edit and sign your proposal from anywhere, at any time. No trickery. 

Sign with a click, or with electronic ID, SMS and email authentication (of course, signing with Oneflow is always legally binding).

Find your flow in HubSpot

Personalise with video

Increase hit-rate by adding a human touch to your digital sales process. Send welcome videos or screen recordings to walk your customer through parts of your proposal.

Get going instantly

Start in minutes and reap the benefits within days.

Reduce risk and errors

Make sure the right terms are used in outgoing proposals. Create Workspaces for different types of contracts and lock down content in your templates.


Where do I find the integration on HubSpot App Marketplace?

You can check out Oneflow for HubSpot on HubSpot App Marketplace here.

Which HubSpot features does the integration work with?

Oneflow for HubSpot integrates with Company records, Deals, Deal stage, Datafields, Products, and eSignatures.

How do I get started with the HubSpot integration?

You’ll find everything you need to know in our Help Center.

Who do I contact if I want to start using Oneflow for HubSpot?

We’d be happy to chat with you! Book a personalized demo and we’ll take it from there.

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