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Write, review and analyze contracts with Oneflow AI

Reveal insights and timesavers with Oneflow’s contract intelligence packages powered by AI.

Future-proof your contracts with AI

From one to thousands of contracts, Oneflow AI not only eliminates expensive routine contract work, but also minimizes risk of oversight and reveals actionable intelligence at speed.

AI Review

Use AI to perform single and large scale risk and compliance analyses.

  • Mitigate risk on the contracts you send and sign 
  • Speed up contract review time, and get an extra set of eyes to reduce the opportunity for human error 
  • Get an instant risk analysis and compliance report across your entire portfolio

AI Predict

Use AI to analyze usage patterns, trends and insights about your contracts.

  • Improve the sign rate of your contracts 
  • Detect and prevent potential risk

AI Assist

Use our new AI Assist to work faster, cover your blind spots and eliminate errors.

  • Save time writing, editing, and managing your contracts 
  • Mitigate risk with suggestions for potential overlooked organizational mistakes

AI Import

Use AI to instantly import and organize existing contracts into Oneflow.

  • Benefit from all Oneflow features even for contracts not signed in Oneflow 
  • Save time importing and adding all organizational markers by hand

AI Search

Use AI to perform intuitive and effective searches across all contracts.

  • Save time and get more control
  • Quickly and easily searching in your contract portfolio


Is Oneflow AI available for all languages?

Oneflow AI is optimized for English, but other languages will work to varying degrees of success. If you have specific questions or requirements don’t hesitate to reach out!

How does Oneflow AI use my data?

The model for AI Review, AI Assist, AI Search and AI Import exclusively use your data and does not share data with any other customers. In cases where aggregated data is required in AI Insights, data are anonymized. Temporary data used in AI Import and AI Review will be removed after being used. Data is stored in the EU only.

Can I limit AI functionality to specific users or disable it completely?

Oneflow offers custom access and permission management that enables you to mirror your organizational structure. AI functionality can be disabled under data management in your account. For more information, please visit our Help Center.

Does Oneflow use customer data to train the AI models?

This depends on the functionality. AI Assist and AI Import does not train on your data. AI Search, AI Review and AI Insights require pre-trained models but data is not shared between customers.

How reliable is the content generated by Oneflow AI?

AI models can make mistakes and generated AI content should not replace professionals.

Do I have to be a Oneflow customer to use the AI packages?

Yes, AI packages are only available to Oneflow customers.

Is Oneflow AI free?

For the time being most AI functionality will launch in beta, or be available to select customers to properly test and verify accuracy.

Stay ahead of the contract AI revolution

Apply for the waitlist and be the first to know about new and exciting AI innovation from Oneflow.

Stay ahead of the contract AI revolution

Apply for the waitlist and be the first to know about new and exciting AI innovation from Oneflow.
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AI packages and features are subject to change, and the details presented in this material are for informational purposes only.