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Gen Z at work report: How to hire and inspire them post-pandemic

Generation Z, or simply, Gen Z is entering the workforce en masse. They face challenges that are truly unique to their generation, such as an ongoing global pandemic. Together with Teamtailor, we authored a report on how to inspire those from this generation to apply, thrive, and ultimately succeed in the professional atmosphere at your workplace. Setting the company, and the employees from Gen Z up for success in the long term.

Who is Gen Z?

Gen Z consists of everyone born after 1996 though the cutoff seems to be somewhere around 2010. This isn’t a hard cut off quite yet, but most of Gen Z was raised in the digital age. They’ve never known a world without the internet. If you show them a VHS, a dial phone, or a phone book, they have no idea what to do with it. They are the first truly digital generation, where digital friendships, experiences and worlds are their base level.

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Hiring Gen Z

What are Gen Zers like?

They tend to be similar, yet bolder than millennials which they are often compared to. Gen Z is a generation that takes action, and finds creative ways to have an impact on the social and macroeconomic issues they care about. If they do not accept the status quo, they have no problem fighting to change it. They understand the value of diversity. The world they live in is different than the world of their parents and grandparents. It’s more interconnected and people from all over can share experiences, thoughts and form bonds. So Gen Z has come to appreciate and demand diversity in their life, workplace and want it to reflect their lived experiences.

COVID’s effect on Gen Z

It’s no secret that the pandemic affected everyone and no one was able to escape it’s wrath. Yet, for Generation Z, they suffered some serious setbacks in their personal and professional development. Remote learning and being forced to isolate from friends and family was harmful for long term development. Same with a cratering economy and serious financial stress being placed on them at the beginning of their career. It added an extra layer of difficulty for a generation poised to become the next large entrant into the workforce.

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The future outlook for Gen Z

The future will be a bit hard to predict, but there are some positive signs! Also, some huge challenges are ahead for Gen Z, that they think they’re ready to tackle. And they will make every effort to overcome them.

If you want to learn more about Gen Z, how to hire them, and what will make them successful inside of your organization then download our report!


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