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Announcing AI Assist by Oneflow

We’re very happy to unveil our latest feature that will make writing a contract even easier and democratize contract creation. Giving anyone the ability to create a draft in seconds without ever having to leave Oneflow. Our new feature, AI Assist is enabled by OpenAI.

GIF showing the AI Assist feature by Oneflow in action

AI Assist supplies the foundation of what will take contract generation and writing leaps and bounds ahead in the 21st century. It denotes a significant improvement in how people will navigate the future of agreements, contracts, and documents requiring a legally binding signature. Contracts are the lifeblood of every business, as every business needs them just to function. At Oneflow, we know that. So we’ve taken the initiative to inspire more intelligent and intuitive contracts by inserting a little magic into their generation.

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Introducing AI Assist

Writing a contract and putting all of the correct information inside of it can be a huge challenge. That’s where we come in. We’re incredibly excited to announce our newest feature, AI Assist, an AI-powered copywriting assistant inside of Oneflow. Merely give AI Assist a prompt for your contract and it’ll generate a first draft for you. 

Write the kind of document that you need and then sit back and watch as a contract for a new apartment, a consulting agreement, or a candidate offer letter magically is written in front of you. You can go from an idea for a contract to a real, working draft in mere seconds. What’s better is that AI Assist can generate a new version of your existing draft, if the current one doesn’t suit your needs. 

Businesses ranging from one-person shops to large international corporations can accelerate rapidly through the contract process with enhanced contract creation. AI Assist is brilliant at coming up with initial ideas for contracts, first drafts for proposals, and structure for agreements. Every single one of these can be generated with a mere click. You’ll only have to make a few minor edits or changes before they’re ready to be sent.

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AI Assist

You really don’t have to have much experience writing contracts to take full advantage of AI Assist. From novice all the way to professional, people and teams of all sizes can save heaps of valuable time on contract creation. A little spark from AI assist can give your contracts that extra oomph to get them out faster, with better language, and signed quicker. 

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Try it out!

AI Assist is in open beta as the latest tool forging the future of contracts and agreements. Now, anyone anywhere can create a contract with colorful, persuasive, and legally enforceable language. It’s truly giving people the ability to take their contracts to the next level. 

Anyone can use AI Assist for free as long as you’re in a trial period or if you’re a Oneflow customer. We want to democratize the contract process, and that’s why this feature is accessible to everyone.

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