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Oneflow for Hibob streamlines employee onboarding and eliminates manual data entry

Take the admin work out of creating new hire profiles in Hibob–saving you time, reducing human error, and increasing data consistency.

Hibob helps companies streamline their HR processes, engage employees, and foster a positive work culture. It offers features such as employee onboarding, time and attendance tracking, performance management, and employee communication tools.

The integration between Oneflow and Hibob offers a powerful solution that automates the creation of employee profiles and simplifies the management of relevant documentation. By leveraging this integration, organizations can save time, minimize human error, and enhance data consistency throughout the onboarding process. In this blog post, we will explore the key functionalities of this integration and the benefits it brings to businesses.

Automated employee profile creation

One of the primary features of the Oneflow and Hibob integration is the seamless automation of new employee profile creation. Once a contract is sent through Oneflow and signed, a new hire profile is automatically generated in Hibob. This integration eliminates the need for manual inputting of employee information, saving valuable time and reducing the potential for human error. With the automation in place, HR professionals and managers can focus on more strategic tasks, confident that the process is efficient and accurate.

Centralized & automatic storage of signed contracts:

The integration also simplifies the storage and management of employee documentation. When a contract is signed using Oneflow, it is automatically uploaded to the new hire’s profile in Hibob. This centralization of signed contracts within Hibob ensures that all relevant documentation is easily accessible in one location. HR teams no longer need to search through various systems or folders to locate and organize contracts. By keeping all employee documents in one place, the integration enhances data consistency and enables HR professionals to maintain a comprehensive record of employee agreements.

The integration between Oneflow and Hibob revolutionizes the way businesses manage their onboarding processes. With automated employee profile creation and centralized storage of signed contracts, the integration enhances efficiency, reduces human error, and increases data consistency. By taking the administrative burden out of creating new hire profiles in Hibob, organizations can save time, allocate resources more effectively, and provide an improved onboarding experience for new employees. Embracing this integration will enable businesses to streamline their onboarding processes, ultimately contributing to their overall success.


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