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Streamline sales processes with automated digital contracts inside SuperOffice.

+ Built by Oneflow + 100% native

digital contracts superoffice digital contracts superoffice

Real-time contract status

Easy to use

Seamless data flow

Automate every step of the contract journey. Focus on building strong customer relationships while the contract work is taken care of.

digital contracts with oneflow and superoffice digital contracts with oneflow and superoffice

Shorten your sales cycle

Having only one workflow from proposal to sign frees up time and saves you from hassle. Create your contract from a template directly in SuperOffice and avoid filling in information twice. Any data entered in SuperOffice will automatically transfer to your contract.

Negotiate with ease

Keep the conversations in the comment section next to your contract. Let your customers add products with interactive product tables, and see discounts with automated price calculations. Every change you make to the contract is updated in real-time.

digital contracts superoffice and oneflow digital contracts superoffice and oneflow

Predict likelihood to sign

Track all updates in real-time, in the activity log. Know exactly when your customer receives the contract, opens it, makes changes or comments, and signs. The contract card in SuperOffice is automatically updated when the contract enters a new stage.

Get your deals signed fast and easy

Choose the best signing method for you and your customer. Legally binding digital signatures are available through electronic identification (eID), SMS and email authentication. Or standard one-click e-signing.

Find your flow in SuperOffice

Personalize the offering

Connect with your prospect, even at the last step of the sales process. Send a personalized video greeting along with the contract, or a screen recording to walk them through your offer.

Don’t leave them hanging

Get your contracts out in no time. After an initial call, you can have the offer ready and sent for review within a few minutes.

Be there for your customer

Be ready to answer your customer’s questions, before they even know they have any. Track how they interact with your contract and use these insights to reach out at the right moment.

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Where do I find the integration on SuperOffice App Store?

You can check out Oneflow for SuperOffice on SuperOffice App Store here.

How do I get started with the SuperOffice integration?

We’ve put together a guide on how to get started in our Help Center.

Who do I contact if I want to start using Oneflow for SuperOffice?

We would be happy to talk! You’re welcome to book a demo and we’ll take it from there.

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