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How to get the best out of AI in your contract work

AI Assist by Oneflow - Powered by OpenAI GPT Turbo

Oneflow now comes with a fantastic AI Assist feature, designed to help you maximize your efficiency, by creating messages, contract structures, and editing your existing copy. So, whether you’re new to AI, or just wondering how you can start using it for contracts, we’re here to help.

Also, if you’re short on time, just jump to The prompts that will help you get started in no time.

In this guide, we’ll cover:

  • How to use AI Assist for contracts
  • How to write contract invitation messages
  • How AI Assist can be your secret contract editing weapon
  • The prompts that will help you get started in no time

How to use AI Assist for contracts

Now, as incredible as AI is, it’s still a technology that’s relatively in its infancy. While we might well soon reach a point where AI can generate what we want from a one or two word prompt, we’re not there yet. It’s also important to know that, as things stand, ChatGPT has an information cutoff of September 2021.

So, it’s important to find workarounds, and give prompts that generate what it is that you’re looking for. 

Here’s an example from Oneflow’s built-in AI Assist when we asked it to write an employment contract that’s valid in Sweden:

AI Assist - Oneflow

Don’t worry. It’s not a case of our platform failing you. You have to remember, AI Assist can’t know exactly what you’re looking for, and has limitations around providing legal advice or drafting official contracts.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t still use AI Assist for the basic structure help. So, instead, ask it to write an example of the type of contract you want.

AI Assist - Oneflow

With the example, you can insert all of the important information, all with the time taken to find the template, or paste in text, saved. The best part is, you can even do it in your language. Every language that’s supported by ChatGPT is supported by our AI Assist.

AI Assist - Oneflow

The best part is, you still have all of Oneflow’s existing tools to really make the contract your own. So, once you add in the drafted copy, you can edit it, drag or drop in your own text, add your logos, images and GIFs, and even a welcome video to give your potential new employee that extra special welcome. 

But this is just an example with an employment contract. This works for almost any type of contract you can imagine, from the meeting minutes for the board, to letters of intent, to sales agreements. 

AI Assist - Oneflow

How to write contract invitation messages using AI Assist

As we’ve seen, using AI for contracts can come with its limitations, but where its capabilities really shine is in writing the message that appears to your counterparty when the contract is sent. 

Since these messages don’t require any legal language, AI can drfat this with ease. Think of this as using AI to draft a generic email to your counterparty asking them to read through and sign the document.

Don’t worry if the very first text it generates sounds robotic. AI Assist comes with a reply function. Simply type ‘Make the above text more personal’, then click ‘Try again’.

AI Assist - Oneflow

Once you’re happy with the generated text and have clicked ‘Insert into document’, you can personalize it however you like directly in the message box. 

The best part is, you can do this at any point in the contract creation process. All you need to do is insert a text block, then click ‘AI Assist (Beta). So, if you like to leave the personalization until last, that’s perfectly fine too.

How AI Assist can be your secret contract editing weapon

Maybe you already have your contract templates written, but you have a paragraph or two that you’ve always thought needed some improving. Or you are in the process of writing, but it just isn’t sounding right.

That’s where AI Assist comes in.

You can paste a block of your text in and let AI do the rest, with a prompt like ‘Improve this’, ‘Personalize this’, or ‘Make this more readable’. Even if you’re not happy with the generated text, it might well spark an idea that helps you create that message that gets your counterparty to sign. Either way, AI Assist can become the colleague you bounce ideas off.

The prompts that will help you get started in no time

If you’re looking for a draft contract, then it’s important to remember that AI doesn’t know the exact ins and outs of your business, nor where exactly your business is based. So rather than saying ‘Write an employment contract for me’, type ‘Write an example of an employment contract for me’. AI Assist will then generate a template that you can tailor to your exact needs.

AI Assist can also help with those all-important messages that go with your contracts. If you’re stuck for ideas or short on time, ask AI Assist to generate that message. If it sounds robotic, fear not. You can simply type ‘Make the above text more personal’, then click ‘Try again’. 

AI Assist can also be your secret weapon when it comes to contract copy. If you already have text and want to liven it up a little, paste it into AI Assist, and type the command ‘Improve this’, ‘Personalize this’, or ‘Make this more readable’. Then, in moments, you’ll have something that’s good to go. Just remember to paste in your text in a single block and without formatting.

Good luck, and happy AI’ing!


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