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Oneflow for Teamtailor makes it easier than ever to turn candidates into teammates

Flexible, automatic, data-driven and passionate. These terms characterize successful HR teams. Creating good candidate experiences is invaluable in the current climate where the candidate is in the driver’s seat. Oneflow’s integration with Teamtailor empowers your HR team to attract the right talents. Before it’s too late.

Oneflow for Teamtailor is every HR-professional’s dream

We met Fredrik Mellander, Head of Partnerships at Teamtailor, to talk about how Oneflow’s integration with Teamtailor creates value for HR teams. Fredrik says that Teamtailor chose Oneflow for their first integration for digital-contracts and e-signing, due to Oneflow’s dynamic functionality. You can use the integration in the way that best suits your team, which fits in with Teamtailor’s philosophy.

“Oneflow’s platform is very dynamic, just like Teamtailor, which means you can be very flexible and work in a way that suits your organization.”

Long-awaited integration

How have the reactions to the integration between Oneflow and Teamtailor been? Very positive and proof that we have done something really good, says Fredrik. Being able to sign and update the agreements directly in Teamtailor makes it much easier for both recruiters and candidates. And that’s the key to taking the whole experience to the next level. Fredrik also says that integration of this kind, which takes care of the last step in the recruitment process, has been very much in demand. Both for Teamtailor’s customers and among their own staff.

“For our Enterprise Team that hires a lot, this integration has been a blessing.”

Oneflow for Teamtailor is a real time saver

Your biggest priority as a recruiter is of course to find and retain the right talents. The last thing you want is to waste a lot of time on admin and lead times, risking the dream candidate to slip through your fingers. That’s why, Fredrik says, one of the main benefits of Oneflow’s integration is the time you save. By streamlining the signing process you can cut down a lot of time, which really makes a difference if you manage a high volume of contracts. You can then sign that dream candidate before someone else does, and focus on doing things that bring value to you and your organization.

Do you want to know more about how Oneflow for Teamtailor works? Read more on our integration with Teamtailor here.

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