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A paperless back to school

Customisable to fit your schools needs, and built with security at its core.

Collect and track all signatures securely through one portal

Distribute, track and save all documents in one portal. School administrators or in some cases, teachers, can send documents, guardians can sign, and system administrators can audit everything, securely and at scale.

A paperless school portal that is…

Easily accessible & trackable

No more tracking down documents that have been shoved into your kids backpack.

  • School administrators can track all sent, and unsigned documents.
  • Guardians can access all documents in one portal and get automatic reminders one day before the deadline.
  • System administrators can seamlessly audit across all documents, and ensure that rules and regulations are universally applied.
”The entire process has been simplified, allowing administrators to save 3-5 precious working days at the bustling start of each school year. Beyond that, it unlocks continuous efficiency boosts on every mailing throughout the academic year.”

Per Melin
Digital Development Strategist


Create a document process that fits your unique needs.

  • Apply your schools branding to the guardian-facing portal.
  • Customise user permissions to decide who can view, sign, or fill out information in a document.
  • Buildable API to integrate into your other existing systems.


What types of documents can I use Oneflow for?

All kinds of documents that require signatures or approvals from the students and/or guardians. These include but are not limited to: permission slips for field trips, enrollment forms, acceptable use policies for technology, photo release forms, emergency contact forms, attendance policies and excuse forms, code of conduct acknowledgments, transportation agreements, athletic participation forms, after-school program enrollment, medical and health forms.

What training will staff and teachers need to effectively use the new system?

Depending on your needs, Oneflow will customize the roll out and onboarding training plans to ensure that your staff and teacher are ready to use the new system within your timeline.

How can we ensure data privacy and security when processing sensitive information such as personal data?

Data protection is integral in everything we do. We ensure that all personal data in Oneflow is processed with the highest protection in compliance with the latest data privacy regulations. For more information about how Oneflow protects your documents, please visit our Security Center.

How do we manage access permissions for sensitive documents?

You can activate Single Sign On (SSO) to maintain control over user access. Read more about how it works here.

You can also for role-based access controls and ensure that only authorized personnel have access to the sensitive documents. Oneflow employs robust user access and authentication controls, including multi-factor authentication (MFA), role-based access controls (RBAC), and regular audits of user permissions. These measures ensure that only authorized users can access sensitive information and that user access is appropriately limited based on their role within the organization.

Do I need a contingency plan in place?

Oneflow utilizes multiple levels of backups both for data and documents. For databases, we have raw daily database dumps, daily database snapshots for 7 days and point in time recovery up to 5 minutes ago. For documents, we have a realtime mirror sync to a separate AWS region (Stockholm) and every document is versioned to protect for deletions in both regions. You can read more about our reliability here.

Go back to school paperless

Discover how large scale signature gathering save you time, money, and admin pains. So you can focus on what you do best.
  • Experience a live, interactive demo with a dedicated Oneflow specialist
  • Get an in-depth analysis of your document process – and customised solutions to your schools
  • Discover the power of all-in-one document automation for your schools
  • Witness seamless integrations that can cut down your admin time by data population across systems

Go back to school paperless

Discover how large scale signature gathering save you time, money, and admin pains. So you can focus on what you do best.
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