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Sync your Outlook signature across devices: A how-to guide

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Are you using Outlook as your primary email? If yes, then you’ll probably want to sync your Outlook signature across all your devices. In this guide, we’ll show you how to sync Outlook signature across devices.

We’ll cover:

  1. Outlook on your devices
  2. How to sync your Outlook signature across your devices
  3. Why an email signature is important
  4. How a digital signature can help you

1. Outlook signature on your devices

If you want your signature on your device, then you need to have the Outlook app installed on your device. Outlook is available for the desktop, web, iOS, and Android. If you only want to view your signature on your device, then you don’t actually need the Outlook app installed. You can just use the Outlook web app on your device.

2. How to sync your Outlook signature across your devices

First, log into your Outlook account on a computer and go to Settings > Options > Email Signature. Here, you can select the signature you want to use and click Save. If you’d like to have more than one signature, you can create more. When you save a signature, the signature is sent to the signature gallery. You can then apply the signature you want to use on a particular email.

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3. Why an email signature is important

Your email signature acts like a digital business card. It’s a great place to put your name, title, a link to your website, and your contact information. This way, if you end up sending a business email, the recipient has your information at the top of the email and can save it. Some businesses don’t require email signatures, but it’s a great way to stay organised across your devices and keep your contact information in one place.

outlook signature - phone screen - Oneflow

4. How a digital signature can help you

If you’re sending a signed document digitally, a digital signature can prove that you sent it and by whom. This allows your recipient to trust that the document came from you and that it hasn’t been altered in any way since it was sent. A digital signature also allows you to keep track of all the emails you send that require a signature. Once you’re signed into your account on an email platform, you can have it sign all of your emails by default.

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