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Signature move: Introducing Radisson Meeting’s new online contracting tool for planners

For event organisers tasked with managing multiple meeting and event bookings simultaneously across numerous venues and locations, anything that helps to streamline and speed up the planning process – especially the tedious jobs – can be a game changer. Digital savvy planners are increasingly embracing new technologies to improve workflow efficiencies, and choosing to work with venues and partners that are ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest developments.

Contract management can be one of those time consuming and tedious tasks, but it’s a necessary part of the meetings and event planning process, especially in a post-pandemic world when negotiating flexible but fair terms and conditions is more important than ever for both client and venue. That’s why Radisson Meetings is launching the online proposal with e-signature capabilities from the Swedish company Oneflow to help make contracting easier for all. The online proposals of Oneflow are already in use by 75 hotels and will be rolled out across Radisson Hotel Group’s global portfolio and made available to clients booking groups, meetings and events at their properties.

“The online proposals of Oneflow are already in use by 75 hotels and will be rolled out across Radisson Hotel Group’s global portfolio and made available to clients booking groups, meetings and events at our properties.”

Radisson Hotel Group

Speedy and secure

Oneflow, together with AI enhanced digital solutions, simplifies and streamlines the process from proposal and contract creation to signature, enabling planners to free up time to focus their efforts on where they will have the most impact –creating a better event experience for attendees. The main benefit is that it speeds up the time it takes to sign contracts using electronic signatures, allowing deals to be closed within minutes. It is facilitating the customer’s procurement process when multiple parties need to sign for approval. You can also keep everything in one place, so it’s easy to track the status of all your proposals and contracts when you book a meeting with Radisson Hotel Group.

Check when a contract has been delivered and viewed, find signed documents, and monitor the progress of deals all in real-time. Plus, you can sign documents quickly from any device, enabling contracts to be reviewed and signed from anywhere, which is ideal for busy event organisers who are often on-site and away from their desks.

Not only are electronic signatures a cost-effective and legally binding way to get contracts signed quickly, but they are also more secure. This is because digital contracts often include robust security measures built into them, such as encryption and authentication, making them safer than physical documents, so you can be sure your sensitive information is protected. It’s also easier to control participants access and signing rights using Radisson Hotel Groups e-signature tool.

Planet Friendly

Digital solutions are also better for the planet, with a key benefit of using online proposals being that it helps to reduce paper usage and waste and brings the idea of the paperless office one step closer. It might not seem a significant step, but every little change helps when it comes to driving more sustainable business practices and hitting net zero goals.

Radisson Hotel Group is committed to reducing their environmental impact and have set ambitious emission reduction targets to be net zero by 2050. Radisson Meetings continue to lead the industry by being carbon neutral, automatically offsetting all meetings and events held in their hotels, and they are constantly looking for other ways to help their clients meet their sustainability goals. The rollout of the online proposals is part of that. It also marks another step in their ongoing strategic digital transformation, which has seen the introduction of multiple tools to help meeting and event planners improve efficiency including the roll out of their Book It Easy, real-time instant online booking platform for meetings and events.

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