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Selling with Salesforce and using the full potential of digital contracts


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When it comes to getting news out in a flash, that’s where Cision excels. They are one of the world’s premier news wire services.

If you want to get a message to the masses, Cision is who you call / hire. But when they need to sell their world class services, they call upon another world class combo to get the job done. Salesforce and Oneflow’s digital contracts.

According to Simon Olsson, a Sales Executive at Cision in Stockholm,  he uses Oneflow and Salesforce to get his contracts signed and his deals over the line. 

Salesforce is the world’s largest CRM, and one of the main integrations that salespeople use when using Oneflow’s digital contracts. When it comes to getting a contract signed, timing is crucial. And according to Simon, timing is crucial for Cision.

Right place at the right time

“And then basically what we do and where we come in is that we take that press release and place it at the right desk at the right time, if that makes sense. We’re kind of a distribution engine to help our clients be seen in the right circumstances and basically just make the process as simple as possible in terms of knowing who you should be talking to,” said Simon.

It’s about getting the right message in front of the right people, at the right time. And then measuring the impact of said message.

Use templates to their potential

Just as it’s about getting the right message for their clients in front of the right people at the right time, they use Oneflow’s contracts to do the same to sell their services. How do they do that? They leverage the extensive templates that Oneflow has to offer. It speeds things up for them big time according to Simon.

“We have all of the templates inside of Oneflow and everything is right there. Then I just choose to keep the parts of the contract offer that are relevant for that client, and I delete the ones that aren’t,” Simon said. “So depending on which services I’ve sold, the appendixes and attachments change.”

It’s that kind of flexibility that help Simon and his colleages at Cision sell to their full potential. As they have lots of different offerings available, having the ability to customize their offer with a few clicks is a real game changer.

Everything done in Oneflow

The great thing about using Salesforce and Oneflow is that it is your single source of truth. It’s got all of the information that you need at the edge of your fingertips. The same runs for Simon and some of his colleagues at Cision as they love the visibility that digital contracts give them when they’re selling.

Simon said, “We can just do everything in Oneflow. Everything is tracked and I can see what they are doing, I can see the information that they’re filling in. And most important of all is that if they have anything to say about any item or you know, if it’s pricing matters or whatever, they can just deal with it within Oneflow.”

It’s that ability to see the nitty gritty details of the contract process that can truly get deals over the line. Especially thanks to the two-way sync of Oneflow and Salesforce. So any change made in the Oneflow contract, or in Salesforce, automatically flows back into the other, just like that.

“And for me being in sales, it’s very good for me to kind of see what they’re doing in the document as well. So from the moment they visit the contract for the first time, I can see what they’re doing,” said Simon.

The benefits of open communication

Communication is often said to be crucial in forging good relationships between seller and prospect. That communication is even more important when it comes time to discuss the contract as it allows everyone to get on the same page and leads to a better outcome.

“Another very good benefit of using Oneflow is when there are many different stakeholders. For example maybe the CEO wants to look at it, the communications director or the legal department. It doesn’t matter because I can always include all of them in the contract and everyone can see, you know, what’s on the table. And it’s a very transparent kind of dialogue,” Simon said.

One thing that digital contracts do is to turn negotiations into conversations. You too can make your negotiations easier by using digital contracts.

Get a demo of Oneflow and learn about how you can use it with Salesforce here.

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