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Contracts touch all parts of a company. And companies all sectors. That’s something that Antigo, an IT & management consultant agency based in Stockholm and Gothenburg, knows all too well. They work with companies across industries and across sectors, bringing their digital capabilities up to a level that suits the digital future we face. 

Just as contracts touch every part of a company, consultants do the very same. They analyze problems and processes and then give constructive feedback on how best to solve them. The flexibility in their consulting requires a flexible approach and tools that are just as pliable as them. What may work for a company in the telecommunications sphere may not work for a public sector firm that deals with energy. 

Olle Larsson, Managing Director at Antigo, knows that flexibility can be the best ability when it comes to digitalization. Because as consultants, they can come in at any part of a project to help with digitalization. 

“We’re an IT consulting company that helps companies on their digitalization journey. We focus on technical competencies. Everything from engineers to architects and all that in between. That’s what we’re able to provide to our clients. Could be a business analyst or a technical developer. We can be all the way from the beginning of the project until the end and deliver the product as well. So we are like a complete firm to help you with digitalization,” he said.

Digitalization is a crucial part of forging the workflows of tomorrow. Olle and Antigo are doing their part, and as such, they need the best digital tools available to help them accomplish their mission. 

From the employees to the board

Antigo started off using digital contracts mainly for sales, but it was just the tip of the iceberg for them. They came to realize that they could be used much farther and wider inside their company. 

“We started using Oneflow for sales, but it quickly came to our attention that we can use them in much more areas. We can optimize our work so much. One of our keywords is simplicity, and Oneflow has really simplified our work. Then we realized that we could use the contracts to hire our employees, send account information to Skatteverket (Swedish tax agency), and even to the board members as well. So from the employees to the board, we do everything with Oneflow,” Olle said. 

That type of vertical integration inside of a business is exactly what digital contracts are capable of. Simplification is a great word that Olle mentioned, as having one platform for all of their contracts is streamlined, straightforward, and, simply put, simple. 

Antigo does have complexities in their work as they consult private and public companies alike. Despite the difficulties that come with regulations related to both, there is still some simplicity involved, thanks to Oneflow.

According to Olle, “Inside the public sector, we’ve got one commune that we work with a lot. They say it’s so much easier to work with Antigo because everything is so simple. Everything from the initial contact to the contract writing as well. And that’s a big part of it’s because it’s so easy to work with us (Antigo) because we work with Oneflow.”

Making lives and processes better is, in essence, what every company aims to do. With just a couple of clicks and a contract, Antigo is able to make the lives of its customers much easier.

“In order to send everything over to a client, it’s just one click away. And if needed, we can add more information, such as bank info, etc. So it’s super easy, and the public sector has said to us that it’s super nice to use,” Olle said. 

The journey is digital

Antigo happened to be a company that was very well placed during the pandemic, well, when it comes to product placement, that is. The pandemic brought about a rapid need for companies to become more digital and to do it as quickly and economically as possible. Digital consultants were in high demand. 

“We’ve grown really fast because the pandemic escalated the digital journey in both the private and public sectors. So, most of the work became printing contracts between the companies and the partners that we work with,” said Olle. 

With that growth in mind, they needed to be able to spend their time more efficiently and ensure they could maintain or even expand on that growth. However, according to Olle, something was slowing them down. 

He went on to say, “around half the day went into printing and writing contracts between the different companies. And our sales department should be focused more on doing business or helping clients as opposed to printing paper.”

With the need for their services ever more paramount, Antigo didn’t have the luxury of time to spend with paper, physical contracts, or fax machines. That’s when the benefits of digital contracts really started to hit home with Olle and the rest of the team.

Focus on what we do best

When people come into a job, they are brought in because they bring a certain skillset or offer some sort of value to the team, company, etc. They don’t want to waste time doing a task that’s not bringing any value or allowing them to put their skills to work. A prime example of that is printing, signing, and sending contracts. But, when they switch to digital contracts, they can do the job that they actually were hired for. 

Olle said, “We can focus a lot more on helping clients. We can actually, you know, go further in-depth on the help that they need. We can focus on our employees. Also, we have more time to dedicate towards our clients.”

With digital contracts, Olle and his team are able to pay more attention to their clients and give them more attentive service and offerings. As well as focus on the development of their own employees. It’s that newfound time that used to be wasted on administrative work that’s being used more productively. With concrete results.

“So all the time that we used to spend on contracts now, we can use to help our clients. We can have a meeting and work closely with them. So overall, we can help clients on their digital journey instead of printing out contracts, and we also have more time to make more deals,” Olle said. 

Digital transformation is what they do best. And when it comes to that, knowledge, as well as impression, make an impact when working with their clients. 

“The time we previously spent on contracts is now used for actively engaging and collaborating with our clients. As a result, we can guide them on their digital journey instead of being tied up in paperwork. Additionally, we have the opportunity to pursue and close more deals.”

Olle Larsson

Managing Director


Consistency in contracts

As a digital consultancy, and really with most things, appearance and making a good impression carry significant weight. With Antigo, they’re good at what they do and want to convey that. As such, they need a digital tool that aligns with their identity of being digital experts. This is where Oneflow once again comes into play. 

“We help companies with their digital journey. If we’d send paper contracts, it wouldn’t exactly convey the right message, you know? It would be the opposite. So having Oneflow’s digital contracts is consistent with our brand and aligns with it,” Olle said. 

That does check out. As appearances have their part to play when you’re in sales or consulting. You want to be trustworthy and convey the sense that you’re a subject expert. Being consistent across the whole process is important to them at Antigo and what they do. 

Olle continued to say, “with Oneflow; we get a digital presence that we present to clients. When we meet clients, we have a digital contract that we send them. We’re presenting it in a digital way. And it helps out with our brand as well. It’s just a positive thing.”

Digital contracts do have a positive impact and influence on many processes, companies and workflows in general. 

Why Oneflow?

When looking for a tool that adheres to their brand identity and helps them better serve their clients, what do Olle and the team at Antigo look for?

What caught their eye when they saw Oneflow and helped them make their choice?

In Olle’s words, “it’s the whole package. I think it’s not just the solution. So why we use Oneflow is because you have excellent support, but I mean excellent. The sales and support teams help us with new features and get us up to speed. You also provide good solutions that match our needs, such as good and easy-to-use templates. The contracts we can use and send to both private and public sector clients as well. So you cover our needs wherever we go. You cover both sides for us.”

When it’s put that way, the flexibility of digital contracts really meets the flexibility of digital consultants. We understand why Olle made the choice to go with them. 

You, too, can choose digital contracts. All you have to do is sign up here:

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