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Oneflow’s guest blog guidelines

Oneflow guest blog guidelines

Hi there – thanks for your interest in contributing to our blog!

Before you submit your idea, please take a moment to go through our guidelines. They cover:

Our principles

Oneflow can’t guarantee publication

Our team reviews all suggestions for guest posts and submissions we get. We make the selection based on several factors, such as SEO value and relevance to our audience.

However, we reserve the right to:

  • Decline to publish your guest post if it doesn’t meet our standards and requirements
  • Edit and modify your guest blog content for search engine optimization, accuracy, completeness, and relevance if the information in the original piece becomes outdated or needs to be re-evaluated
  • Add calls-to-action to Oneflow content and offers
  • Remove the post from the blog

Submissions must meet our standards

Guest blogs don’t have to follow our tone of voice but we encourage you to write in a conversational manner. Pretend you’re writing to a peer, avoiding tech jargons and buzzwords, while maintaining trust, credibility and professionalism. Write to educate, empower and entertain. Don’t sell.

We ask you to:

  • Don’t link to our competitors
  • Write in American English
  • Avoid anything that could be interpreted as legal advice
  • Avoid defining technical terms

Any suggested edits must be accepted. Our editors reserve the right to decline submissions that don’t meet our editorial standards.

Types of posts we accept

There are a few types of articles we’d love to have on our blog.

  • Thought leadership article
  • Listicle article
  • How to guide article

Thought leadership article

This type of article should bring a new perspective to the table, present an idea, or state an opinion. Share your arguments and back them up with data or trusted sources.

Here are some examples of thought leadership topics:

  • Why cold-calling is not dead, even in 2023 
  • The future of sales in a product-led growth era

Listicle article

Share your favorite list of stuff with our readers. Here are some examples of such articles:

  • Top 77 sales tools to speed up your sales cycle
  • Top 10 skills you should master by 2023

Pro tip: Google for the topic you intend to write and find out which is the top-ranking list article. If the highest-ranked one has a top 10, make yours top 11.

How to guide article

Use this format to describe a roadmap to success. For example, share your learnings on how to achieve a certain outcome or reach a certain goal. Here are some examples of such articles:

  • How to be make more money
  • How to negotiate for the win


Please be sure to include the following in your submission:

  • Author name, bio and profile picture
  • Link to your website
  • Suggest an image that you’d like to include (we cannot promise you that your image will be used)
  • Maximum 1,300 words
  • Add at least one external link in your article
  • Links to at least 3 relevant Oneflow blog posts
  • Add an introduction and a conclusion with key takeaways
  • Use H2s, H3s, etc., to organize your content
  • Break down the article into short paragraphs
  • Run a spellcheck before submitting your guest post
  • Clearly state the focus keyword
  • Write a meta description

Types of posts we don’t accept

  • Anything we’ve already covered on the blog
  • Anything that could be interpreted as legal advice
  • Anything that’s too promotional
  • Anything that defines technical terms

Where to send your guest post

We look forward to receiving your idea! Please send it to us in an email.

Once you’ve sent us your article, you’ll hear from us within a couple of days, given no holiday or vacation season. If your guest post doesn’t require any edits, we’ll publish it within two weeks.

We will ask for 5 link placements on your websites once we publish your article.


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