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12x more efficient work with fewer resources and larger contract volumes. It almost sounds too good to be true. But this is the reality for the procurement team at Byggmax. With Oneflow’s digital contracts, they’ve found their flow.

If you live in the Nordics, you’re probably familiar with Byggmax, a department store that sells construction products at affordable prices. Today, they have more than 100 department stores throughout the Nordics and they constantly open new ones. Byggmax makes all its purchases from the head office in Stockholm, and each fall they experience an extremely high workload. That’s when they sign the annual agreements with almost 300 suppliers.

“One of the most time-consuming steps for us has been to communicate with all suppliers via email and send Word documents with the agreements back and forth,” says Per Haraldsson, Purchasing Manager at Byggmax. He continues:

“This led to us often not receiving the agreements until well into the spring, and I sat with decimetre-high bundles of agreements that were to be signed and archived in binders. This was time-consuming, inefficient, and tedious. We had long lead times from the first negotiation until the agreements were signed and ready. Contract management became a bottleneck for us because we have hundreds of suppliers.”

Oneflow was the solution to the problem

Per and his team realized they had to find a solution to the problem. They started looking for a supplier who could simplify the entire contract flow, from start to finish. The list of requirements had several important points:

  • Complete solution
  • Functions for collaboration
  • Efficient workflows
  • Good overview
  • High level of security

Byggmax found many suppliers, but they only solved parts of their problems. Per had a vision of being able to work interactively with agreements at all stages; everything from building templates, to negotiating, changing, and updating agreements in ongoing processes, e-signing, and last but not least, managing their agreements. So, when Byggmax got in touch with Oneflow, there wasn’t much to think about. They had found their perfect match.

Per Haraldsson Byggmax

Saves time and flows through negotiations

Byggmax works according to the lean model with a strong focus on improving routines and maximizing standardization. A characteristic of Byggmax is that they dare to be innovative and challenge established ways of thinking and working methods. Which has paid off.

“Thanks to Oneflow, our lead times are significantly shorter. Previously, it took at least a month and a half from the first contact to a signed agreement. Now, it can be done in three days. Even though we have fewer resources, we now process a much larger volume of agreements than before,” says Per. 

A lot has happened in ten years for Byggmax. The number of suppliers has gone from 40 to 300, but Per and his team work more efficiently than ever despite this. Now more time and resources can be spent on negotiating.

“We probably work 10–15 times more efficiently today than ten years ago. We negotiate very hard with our suppliers and Oneflow has increased our productivity. We’ve also received positive reactions from our suppliers who think that Oneflow is a good and clear system,” says Per.

Oneflow is a trusted partner

Per emphasizes the importance of having a close collaboration with a partner you can trust. Especially when it comes to something as important and sensitive as contracts.

“We have a very good collaboration with Oneflow who have been responsive when it comes to our wishes and requirements. It’s easy to work with Oneflow, and we strongly believe that this is the future of contract management. We see Oneflow as a strategic partner,” concludes Per.

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