Let’s face it, we all know that Oneflow is great for a lot of reasons. One main plus that we want to point out today is how easily you can use our service without even having to leave your CRM or ERP system. Here are a few reasons to choose Oneflow’s integrations over the rest!

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Oneflow works with YOUR systems

Oneflow integrates seamlessly with YOUR tools.  We offer Single Sign On (SSO) and Active Directory (AD), so you don’t even have to log into an extra application. It couldn’t be easier since we work with the systems that you already use daily.

Our launched integrations include Salesforce, Upsales, Lime CRM, Intelliplan, Hubspot, Adocka, with more such as Pipedrive and Membrain, to name a few, coming soon!

WOW Factor

Impress your candidates or clients by instantly sending over ready-to-sign agreements, directly from your system! You will definitely wow them with our professional, modern and interactive offers.


Shorter sales cycle

First and foremost, Oneflow helps you send offers quickly. With Oneflow integrations you can automate proposals and e-signing with the click of a button while you  have a customer on the phone. 

You can even make changes instantly with Oneflow. If your counterpart has some comments or wants to suggest changes, they can edit the proposal in real time even after it’s sent. You will always have access to the most recent version of the proposal in your CRM/ERP system.

Oneflow even makes sure that you can get deals signed faster by making them easily accessible and easy to sign on any device.

Skip data entry

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Oneflow auto-populates data from your CRM system to the contract and ensures that all data, in all systems, is always in sync.

The entire Customer contract cycle in one view

Track all offers and your prospect interaction directly from your system. You can see, in real time, when your counterpart has opened a document, made and changes, and/or signed.


Use Webhooks

Webhooks let you integrate with Oneflow and receive callbacks whenever there is a new event in any of your contracts. This allows you to easily connect Oneflow to your billing system and send an invoice and even update an opportunity in your CRM application.

Use our Oneflow API

Developers can create, edit, and manage the lifecycle of your contracts in workflows using our public API. We provide all the tools you need to navigate public API endpoints, authentication, error handling, and provide examples. Our API is continuously updated.

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The benefits are clear!

So if you are shopping around for great e-contract and e-signing partners, look no further. You found us! We provide seamless integrations that allow you to reap the benefits of Oneflow without even having to change your established workflow.

Do you want to know more?

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