Finally end-to-end contract management for SuperOffice users! With Oneflow’s native integration with SuperOffice, you now can create, send, track, e-sign, and manage your contracts without leaving your CRM.

Create your contracts directly in SuperOffice

Generating sales documents has never been easier. By creating your contracts directly in SuperOffice from web-based templates, you skip loads of manual work and can use those freed up hours for more value adding activities. No need to bother with inflexible Word documents or PDFs anymore!

create your contract directly in superoffice with oneflow

Complete contracts with auto-populated data

Automated contract creation makes your workflow so much more effective. With Oneflow for SuperOffice, your contracts are auto-populated with deal and customer data, eliminating risks of error and speeding up the process big time. Of course, products and pricing are also automatically transferred to the contract.

automated contract management with oneflow for superoffice

Add a personal touch

Boost your prospect’s engagement with your contract by attaching a screen recording where you walk them through specific aspects of your proposal. Or why not add a personalized welcome video for a spark of human touch?

Keep an eye on your deals

Don’t worry about losing control of your deals the second you click Send Contract. The contract card in SuperOffice is automatically updated and gives you an overview of when your contract has been sent and signed. You will also get notifications on any contract updates in Oneflow which allows you to plan the perfect follow up!

track your deals in superoffice with oneflow

Shorten your sales cycle

Live negotiation lets you close deals 8x faster. Make changes to your contract, even after sent, directly in your browser. The updates are instantly visible to your prospect since there is only one version of your Oneflow contract. They can even add more items themselves and see discounts they are getting with automated price calculation.

Eliminate any hurdles for signing

Make it easier for your prospect to sign your contract from any device with built in e-signatures. You can choose the signing method that best suits your needs, whether it might be electronic identification (BankID and NemID), standard email or SMS e-signature. All of them are of course legally binding!

instant notifications on contract updates with oneflow for superoffice

No technical skills required

Get started right away with this integration that’s available to all SuperOffice users immediately. All you have to do is to sign up with Oneflow (contact Sales) and follow this simple how-to-guide.

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