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Helthjem uses digital contracts to flow through their self-pickup service. They’re quick, flexible, and simple for everybody involved.

Norwegian logistics company Hjelthem has launched a new service that fully utilizes the benefits of digital contracts.

Since its inception in 2015, Helthjem has been on a mission. That mission is to ensure that Norwegians get their packages delivered to their doorstep. Everyday. They deliver before breakfast, even on weekends. In 2018 alone, they delivered over five million packages around Norway. Helthjem has been using Oneflow’s digital contracts since September 2019.

Marius Lilleeidet is the Head of Sales for a new Helthjem service – self pick up. The concept is that you can pick up your package at any delivery point throughout the country. It gives their customers the ability to gather their packages at a time and place that best suits their needs.

“Both myself, the seller, and the store see Oneflow as flexible and easy to use. We’d all recommend others to use the platform,” says Marius.

Both sides benefit from Oneflow

With the launch of Helthjem’s new service, Marius and his team saw the need for a quick and flexible solution for their agreements. The agility that Helthjem has using Oneflow’s digital contracts are a boon to both sides of the negotiation. Speed is vital.

“We wanted a service where the sellers could show the agreement when visiting the stores, and quickly send a copy to the customer. Oneflow met all of these expectations. Plus, at the same time, it is a very simple and user-friendly tool for both sales, stores, and me centrally”, explains Marius.

It’s more than just the speed with which they can send and sign contracts. They loved the freedom they had to create their own contracts depending on what the situation required. 

“Now, we have the flexibility to tailor the agreements and layout in the way we want that fits the current need,” says Marius.

Oneflow makes us more flexible

Today, Helthjem uses Oneflow’s digital contracts when they negotiate with stores around Norway that will function as delivery points. Marius says that it’s absolutely crucial to set up new agreements quickly. Because the contracts are updated instantaneously, it makes the process much smoother and quicker.

Marius particularly likes the fact that the agreements are live, and highlights that as a positive aspect.

Another feature that Helthjem identified as crucial was collection and analyzing their contract data. They needed to be able to track activity inside their contracts. Then also ensure that they were sent and signed after reaching their targets.

“The fact that all salespeople use the same service makes it easy for me to track activity and measure the KPIs I want.”

If you’re also looking to digitalize your contract process, Marius has this to say:

“Oneflow is definitely something that more people should use because you can easily log in and export the information you need, as well as gather all agreements in a good and efficient way.”

Não perca um truque

Deixe-nos mostrar-lhe como trabalhar de forma mais inteligente com contratos digitais. Mesmo à frente dos seus olhos.





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