Smarter workflows with integrations

Automating your contracts with Oneflow does not mean you have to disrupt your current workflows. Oneflow public API, webhooks and plug and play integrations mean that you can leverage your favorite systems to create and sign Oneflow contracts. No extra login to remember.

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Want to enjoy the benefits of Oneflow but not ready to give up your favorite apps or systems? No problem! Through Oneflow public API, webhooks and plug and play integrations, you can access Oneflow without leaving your existing systems.

Using Oneflow API

Developers are welcome to leverage our public API to create, edit, and manage the lifecycle of your contracts in workflows. Our API is continuously updated and include documentation that walks you through all public API endpoints, authentication, error handling and examples.

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Using Webhooks

Using webhooks, you can integrate with Oneflow by receiving callbacks whenever there is a new event in any of your contract. For example, you can use webhooks to update an opportunity in a CRM application or to connect to your billing system or send an invoice.

Plug and play integrations

Seamless experience

Unlike shallow integration, Oneflow sits inside your systems and you can create and manage Oneflow contracts directly in your system UI.

Single sign on

You don’t have to log into an extra application or change your business process while still enjoy the benefits of digital contracts.

Ask us about your fave system

Oneflow offers plug and play integrations with the major CRM and ERP systems like Salesforce, Upsales, Lime CRM, and so on. We are constantly adding more systems into our ecosystem so if you want to know what we are doing with your system, let us know.

Using integrated web forms

You can automate the information entered into your Oneflow contract by adding a web form that is integrated with Oneflow on your webpage or web application. This means that when a user fills in the integrated web form, the data will be automatically updated on your contract.
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