Now, what has Oneflow got to do with GDPR?

Contracts are at the heart of all business. With the new requirements, businesses will need to review, update and put in place processes that will give full control and transparency of all data and registers within the company. Contracts – containing sensitive and personal data – are naturally an essential part of the process that ensure compliance to GDPR.

Why businesses will need to digitize contract handling

Many businesses face challenges in regards to contract handling because existing practices don’t allow them to have:

  • A complete overview of contract data
  • Possibility to search for data across many contracts simultaneously
  • An overview of who has access to the data
  • The ability to easily review, update and extract data from contracts
  • Control over how personal data are used
  • Keep track of the entire contract process
  • Remove or retrieve data when required

How can we help?

Oneflow helps businesses to digitize contract handling and get ready for GDPR in the following ways:

  • Searchable contracts and all binding documents in one place
  • Complete control on who has access to sensitive data
  • Extraction of contract data in an easy to access format
  • Automated messaging and follow up in relation to contract process
  • 360 visibility of contract data, full audit and monitoring of data flow and access
  • Easy removal or retrieval data when required

This means no emailing contracts containing personal and sensitive data back and forth. You have total control over your contract data. And by having all data in ONE place, you get ZERO data leak.

Here’s how we do it

Oneflow converts unstructured data to structured data. Essentially, we digitize your entire contract process.

Oneflow lets you work end to end with the contract process in one secure web application so you will always have complete control over sensitive and personal data – making compliance and enforcement of internal business processes easier.

You get full transparency and control over who, when and how the contracts are being accessed. Every contract comes with a complete audit trail of the interaction related to the contract, and you can easily map out how the data is gathered, where it is stored, and who handled it.

E-signing and document automation vendors only solve a small piece of the puzzle, because you will still be dependent on other systems, for e.g. locally stored documents and emails.

Want to learn more?

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