Contract security often comes up as one of the top three factors to consider when choosing a solution to managing contracts.

Contracts, probably the most important document within any organization, are where you’ll find the most sensitive and personal data related to your business.

Is contract security one of your concerns?

That’s why when selecting the right contract automation and e-signature solution for your contracts, security often comes up as one of the top three concerns.

The issue becomes more prominent as businesses are getting ready for the GDPR, which will become effective in May this year. Finding a vendor who takes security at least as seriously as you do must be a big deal not only to the CIO or data security officer but to the entire business.

So what can possibly happen in real life if there is a breach in contract security?

  • Contracts can be seen or accessed by other people than those intended ones.
  • An attacker can inject a malicious code into your site to steal usernames, passwords or credit card numbers.
  • Someone can log into your account and send and sign legally binding contracts on your behalf.
  • Your contracts can be lost or deleted forever.



At Oneflow, we take security seriously.

We put continuous effort in ensuring your contract security and comply with the highest security requirements and standards. Oneflow is hosted on the Amazon AWS platform, one of the most secure cloud computing environments in the market, allowing us to leverage the tremendous investments that Amazon make in security.

Besides that, all contracts and personal data managed and processed by Oneflow are stored and encrypted using industry best practices. We also perform automatic backups daily to mitigate risks of data loss and are able to roll back running databases to any point in time that is older than 5 minutes. No details that are filled in are ever shared with third parties outside the contract.

Here’s an example of our proactive effort in reinforcing contract security

In our latest effort, we further reinforce our security by instructing the browser to restrict how it interacts with our site. This is to ensure that we limit the number of and severity of attacks. The effort has surely paid off that we are proud to say that Oneflow has achieved an A grade and is way ahead of the competition!

To check the security header scores for any application, for example, Oneflow, you can go to and type “” or any other sites you’d like to check the security scores for in the field provided on the homepage. This site is created by Scott Helme, an Information Security Consultant and blogger based in the UK whose mission is to secure the entire web. According to the website, the score is representative of how many security-based HTTP response headers the site issues.

Are you in the process of evaluating contract automation and e-signature solutions?

If yes, and if contract security is one of your concerns, it is highly recommended that you check out the security grade for the vendors you are evaluating.

You can either go to the security headers website and type in the application’s URL of the vendor you’re evaluating to get its score or to save you time from having to do the work, we are giving out the cheat sheet for the major players in the market that we’ve prepared for you.

Get your cheat sheet here

Simply fill out your details below and we’ll send you the cheat sheet. Please feel free to ask us about any security concerns you may have.