Last week we hung out at HR Træfpunkt, Denmark’s largest HR event, in Copenhagen. To say we had fun is an understatement, and we met many curious and lovely people who are really passionate about HR. We also got a chance to showcase all of Oneflow’s possibilities to a lot of interested visitors, and give a speech on how Oneflow’s e-contract facilitates our clients’ recruitment processes. Since there was huge interest in Oneflow’s e-contracts, we thought we would go through how Oneflow can help your HR organization!

HR Træfpunkt Oneflow
Outside the conference hall

Common HR problems

Extended contract rounds, important information missing to be able to sign the employment contract, difficult to keep track of when the employment period expires, has the candidate even opened the contract? You may recognize these, as they are common problems HR organizations face causing huge headaches. Oneflow is the miracle pill your HR organization has been looking for, both for shorter and longer periods of employment. Digitizing the HR process with e-contracts is the key to a simpler and faster workflow.

Oneflow at HR Træfpunkt
Niklas Koch and Peter Bang at Oneflow's stand

How Oneflow helps with hiring consulting positions

When it comes to consulting and short-term employment, it can sometimes be a challenge to get the agreement signed on time. For example, a consultant may be employed on a weekly basis, sometimes even a daily basis, and it may be difficult to have a contract signed before the employee starts working. Fortunately, Oneflow helps your HR team keep track of the entire process, from sending the e-contract to signing it. You can keep track of the following when the employment contract leaves your desk:

  • When the e-contract is delivered
  • When the e-contract has been opened and how many times
  • When a question is asked or a change is proposed
  • When the e-contract is signed

How to get the e-contract signed on time with Oneflow

Let’s say you hire a consultant that starts in five days. You give the e-contract a validity of five days in Oneflow and send it to the consultant. If, for example, the consultant has not signed when there are three days left until the validity period expires, both you, as the owner of the contract, and the consultant will receive a reminder. Oneflow gives you a lot more control and makes sure your agreements are always signed on time.

Keep track of when the consulting period begins and ends

There are often quite a few consultants out there in scrolling and it can be good for you at HR to have a full picture of when the consultancy assignments start and end. In Oneflow, you easily set a life cycle on the e-contract and decide when you want to get a notification that the assignment is about to expire. You may also have signed an agreement with a consultant who will not start for two months, and to refresh the memory you can get a reminder once the assignment has started. This helps you have control over which jobs you have created and are underway.

How to retain talent with Oneflow

Since there are plenty of sought after consultants out there, you have to be one step ahead. Keeping track of when your consultants’ contract is about to end is key. With Oneflow’s help you solve this by getting a notification when the contract period is nearing its end. Then all you and your HR team have to do is pick up the phone and present a new assignment for the consultant. This way, you can retain the desired competence a little longer.

Get vital contract details from the consultant

In Oneflow, it is very easy to get important information, such as bank details and home address, from the consultant at the start of the employment. In your contract template, you enter fields that the consultant can fill in themselves, and decide if they are mandatory for the e-contract to be signed. This not only speeds up and simplifies the process, but it gives the consultant a very positive experience of you as an employer. The employee can, when it suits them best, simply open the contract on their mobile phone, edit the information and then sign with the click of a button.

Niklas Koch presents Oneflow
Niklas Koch presents Oneflow

How Oneflow helps in hiring permanent positions

There are four main reasons why HR organizations choose to implement Oneflow. These are:

  • Security
  • Administration
  • Control over the entire contract process
  • Shorter lead times

No risk of sensitive information disappearing

You can always be sure that the contract information is protected in Oneflow. When you send an e-contract, the counterparty receives an encrypted link via e-mail leading to the agreement. When it is time to sign, there are three different signing options, but BankID is most common for employment contracts.

Less administration with Oneflow

In the case of an employment, the agreement must often pass through a lot of steps before it is finally signed. In Oneflow, everything becomes much easier because HR grants both the employee and the manager to the e-contract, with the click of a button and agreement gets signed much faster. If the Finance and Salary departments also have a user in Oneflow, they can receive a notification when a new employment contract has been signed. That way, they can easily access the employee’s bank details and manage all agreements in Oneflow’s e-archive.

HR has full control over the e-contract process

In Oneflow you can follow the entire contract process in real time from start to finish. If the candidate negotiates a 30-day vacation instead of 25 and you decide to meet this, you simply enter into the existing agreement, make the change and save. The candidate will then be notified that the agreement has been updated.

Shorter lead times with Oneflow

All of Oneflow’s functionality contributes to shorter lead times. The e-contract process goes faster and is less complicated for everyone involved. Neither you nor your employees have to wait for a contract to show up in the mailbox at home. Oneflow allows you to get instant access via sms or email. Fast, simple and safe – that’s Oneflow for HR.

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