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Oneflow raises SEK6m to help you get rid of paper contracts

(The original article in Swedish appears on Breakit)

It’s high time to digitize your contracts and agreements. Oneflow has raised SEK 6 millions in recent round of funding to support increased growth.

During the last six months, Oneflow family grew from 8 to 18 people and added a number of household names to its customer list.

“By the end of this year, the number will turn 22 and we will be 40-50 people next year. And for the first time, we are also aiming to establish offices outside Sweden – in Norway and in Finland,” says Anders Hamnes, CEO and Founder at Oneflow.

How is it like to expand so rapidly?

“The most challenging part about growing so quickly is to find talented developers. 80% of my time goes to recruitment. We have screened 900 candidates only to hire 6 people, so that has been tough,” says Anders Hamnes.

Oneflow has built an online workspace that manages the contract process from creating and negotiating to signing and archiving. Oneflow charges a monthly fee per user and has recently won several deals from larger enterprise.

“Anyone working with contract will need a Oneflow account. It can be the sales department, human resources, management or procurement. In a company with thousands of employees the number of Oneflow accounts may quickly reach a hundred,” says Anders Hamnes.

The majority of the fund comes from existing shareholders, IT veterans Bengt Nilsson and Lars Appelstål. Bengt Nilsson has founded multinational business system software providers, IFS and Pagero; while Lars Appelstål has founded ReadSoft, financial process automation software provider.


Oneflow partners with Telia

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